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Foton Philippines launches Toplander Executive and Toplander Xtreme

Foton Toplander Executive and Toplander Xtreme

United Asia Automotive Group Inc., the official distributor of FOTON vehicles in the Philippines, continues to revamp the driving experience of individuals engaged in various lifestyles by launching two new variants of the Toplander SUV: the Toplander Executive and Toplander Xtreme.

Whether you’re the professional in need of a comfortable ride on your way to business meetings, the high-toned gentleman who frequently attends fancy social gatherings or the posh bachelor who loves driving and hanging out in cities of the urban zone, the elegantly-contrived Toplander Executive is certainly the suitable SUV for you.

The Toplander Executive hits a number of the vital SUV marks: maximized interior, utility, fuel-efficiency and an optimal engine performance capped off with a deluxe mien. Its high-class exterior is even hyped up with additional features such as rain gutter and daytime running lights. Also providing the passengers a drive at ease are its comfortable leather seats.

If you’re the barkada’s go-to-guy when it comes to spontaneous adventures to the mires of the forests you go camping to or on the dunes of the North, the Toplander Xtreme then is the perfect travel buddy for you and your squad.

Apart from the exterior’s rain gutter, also added to the rock-hopping Toplander Xtreme are first-rate accessories like snorkel, tow hitch and 20’’ alloy rims with 265/50 all-terrain Saffiro tires. What’s even more thrilling is that you can get the Toplander Executive and Toplander Xtreme at an all-in low downpayment of ONLY PhP 98k! Reserve now and visit the nearest FOTON dealership to know more about the Toplander’s newest variants!

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