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Get quick, easy, and convenient Family-like Care service with Kia’s newest app!

Kia Service Official App
Kia rolls out high-tech, convenient way to get Family-like Care

As the world branches out to the digital sphere, Kia is quick to recognize how its customers can take advantage of the digital revolution for their service needs. Introducing Kia Service Official App, a quick, easy, and convenient way to experience Kia’s signature Family-like Care service straight from your mobile phone!

Launched in February on Google Play and the App Store, Kia vehicle owners can now schedule an appointment, ask for roadside assistance, or get updates about their vehicles being serviced anytime, anywhere. Through Kia’s innovative app, up-to-date vehicle information and maintenance or repair service can be accessed right at your fingertips.

Columbian Autocar Corporation (CAC), the exclusive distributor of Kia vehicles in the Philippines, is excited to bring this new digital service to the Filipino market.

CAC President, Ginia R. Domingo, remarked, “Today’s market is really on-the-go and consumers are more reliant on their smartphones for various wants and needs. We are happy to bring an efficient and reliable service for our customers through a medium that is readily accessible to them, and that’s through a free, downloadable app.”

Domingo added, “Kia Service Official App is a digital version of our brand’s Family-like Care service. This customer-first strategy and our commitment to provide trustworthy and responsible service are the forces behind creating the new service app. We are definitely excited for Kia owners to experience Family-like Care, the modern way.”

The service app is compatible with iOS and Android phones and can be easily downloaded in three simple steps. Users should go to Google Play or the App Store, select “Philippines” as country, and click “Join Us” to register their information.

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