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The Lenovo PHAB Plus gives bloggers “PHAB” reasons to blog more

Lenovo PHAB Plus

Today’s bloggers need more than sharp wit, writing flair, and multi-tasking capabilities. They need great gadgets that complement their fast-paced, ultra-mobile lifestyle to achieve their tasks. And Filipino social media maven Kally Araneta author of the popular blogsite “From a Distance” knows this all too well. She counts on the Lenovo PHAB Plus, which blends the portability of a smartphone with the functionality of a tablet, to ramp up her productivity as a blogger.

“A true leader in innovation, Lenovo has redefined tablet and phone mash-ups with the Lenovo PHAB Plus, a phablet that merges the best tablet and smartphone features in a nifty form factor. Armed with exceptional battery life and LTE connectivity, the Lenovo PHAB Plus gives millennial bloggers the functionality to blog, make calls, take photos, and update their social media accounts in real-time sans the pain point of bringing along extra bulk,” said Michael Ngan, Country General Manager, Lenovo Philippines.

A smart, double-duty gadget 
Having struggled with carrying different devices simultaneously, Kally Araneta considers the Lenovo PHAB Plus to be a breath of fresh air because of its multi-functionality and ideal size. She no longer relies on both a smartphone and a tablet for her writing needs and communication requirements. The Lenovo PHAB Plus makes it easy for her to write and edit her blog posts in real-time with its 8-core Qualcomm processor and big screen, while putting her old tablet to shame with a build that is as svelte as a smartphone.. Aside from its tablet features, it offers a standby time of up to 20 days and a talk time of up to 24 hours, so Araneta doesn’t even worry about her gadget dying on her whenever she needs to post an important social media update, watch movies while in transit, or answer emails.

A movie aficionado, Araneta enjoys watching her movies with the Lenovo PHAB Plus’ brilliant 6.8” full HD screen and Dolby Atmos speakers, which make her feel like she is inside a movie theatre. She also uses the Lenovo PHAB Plus’s 13MP rear camera along with its 5 MP front camera, which features a Panorama Selfie function and a dual-LED flash, to make her blog images strikingly natural. Thanks to the Lenovo PHAB Plus’s 2 GB LPDDR3 RAM and 32 GB ROM memory, Araneta won’t have to think twice about inadequate storage space whenever she loads movies into her phablet.

Light and convenient for pragmatic bloggers
At 0.49-lbs., the svelte Lenovo PHAB Plus can easily fit into Araneta’s purse, sparing her from the hassle of carrying extra bulk when she scuttles between gym, events, and meetings. She can easily work on her blog over lunch, play with her phablet after work, or even watch shows while working out because of its compact build. The feature-packed Lenovo PHAB Plus even doubles as one of Araneta’s accessories. Encased in an acclaimed uni-body design with round edges and polished buttons, the phablet adds a touch of glamor to Araneta’s OOTDs.

“As a blogger, I rely on practical and dual-purpose gadgets that combine connectivity, convenience and productivity. The Lenovo PHAB Plus offers all these in a lightweight form factor that addresses the portability challenges in tablets and the functionality issues in smartphones. Whether I’m blogging, watching a movie, or updating my social media accounts, I can bank on the Lenovo PHAB Plus to enhance my fast-paced, multi-dimensional lifestyle with exceptional battery life, speed, and memory features,” said Araneta.

Lenovo PHAB Plus comes in Gunmetal Gray and Champagne Gold, and is available at a starting price of PHP14,999, in all Lenovo retail stores nationwide.

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