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ePLDT bolsters enterprise cloud adoption through Cloud Professional Services

ePLDT Cloud Professional Services

In the era of cloud computing, where most IT practitioners have become familiar with the meaning of cloud and the benefits of scalability, flexibility, and potential cost savings it brings, there are enterprises that are still hesitant to make the move. A common objection is the lack of industry-level skills needed to manage the cloud. Enterprises encounter possible staffing and training hurdles since newly hired IT personnel may initially lack cloud experience or may go through a learning curve before becoming a cloud expert. This is apart from the tedious migration and management tasks that take up much of the IT department’s time instead of allowing them to focus on strategic areas of the business.

In line with its commitment in enabling enterprises to maximize the potential of cloud technology, ePLDT has expanded its portfolio of solutions to include Cloud Professional Services.

The new service line from ePLDT, the digital enterprise enabler of the country's leading telecoms and digital services provider PLDT, Inc., provides enterprise customers access to expert consulting and support for their cloud environments. It is also introduced on top of the PLDT Cloud Infrastructure-as-a-Service offering, allowing customers to get the expertise when and where they need it.

ePLDT’s Cloud Professional Services focuses on three main areas: Expert Cloud Consulting, with ePLDT handling the creation of a cloud strategy roadmap and evaluating systems for migration so top-tier customers can optimize the cloud’s benefits; Expert Cloud Deployment and Migration, which lets customers outsource the transition of select enterprise applications and services to the cloud for improved efficiency and scalability; and Expert Cloud Systems Operations (SysOps), which includes managing and monitoring customers’ daily cloud functions such as capacity, network, backup and storage, maintenance and troubleshooting.

The introduction of these services aims to further boost cloud adoption in the Philippines.

“While more enterprises are interested to move their systems to the cloud, they are worried by the complexity of deployment and by the intricacies involved in converting from a traditional IT setup to a cloud system. Moreover, the skills required to operate and manage these systems are not widely-available in the market,” said Nico Alcoseba, Head of PLDT Disruptive Business Group. “ePLDT’s Cloud Professional Services aims to fill that skills gap by providing customers the strategic guidance and operational expertise they need to maximize the potential of their cloud systems and reap its benefits. Whether they are new to the cloud or simply migrating additional applications to the cloud environment, customers can take advantage of ePLDT’s expertise and make their transitions with ease.”

To ensure that it provides superior cloud expertise, ePLDT has also accelerated its capability enhancement and certification of its technology support team, employing established frameworks and best practices developed and customized specifically for cloud consulting. The Expert Cloud Migration and SysOps, in particular, are implemented by the same ePLDT cloud engineers who manage the overall PLDT Cloud infrastructure with a combined experience of more than 30 years in cloud management and systems administration, across the Cloud Operations team. These professionals have garnered certifications from VMWare, Linux, RedHat, and Windows, among others.

“This is another important step towards our vision to become a premier managed cloud provider,” shared Nerisse Ramos, ePLDT Group Chief Operating Officer. “We go beyond providing the tools for enterprise customers to move to the cloud — we want to be part of their cloud journey and ensure that they take the right steps toward building a cloud system that will transform their business.”

To know more about ePLDT’s Cloud Professional Services, visit www.epldt.com.

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