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BIOSTAR Celebrates 30 Years in the Industry

BIOSTAR Celebrates 30 Years in the Industry
30th Anniversary of BIOSTAR, Racing another 30 years to the future!

BIOSTAR is proud to celebrate its prestigious 30 years in the industry this year and is excited to celebrate another 30 years more of progress for the company. BIOSTAR sets a goal to keep on improving, becoming better but always find a way to stay within its vision of providing the best value for consumers yet still maintain a high-level of quality and performance from its products.

How BIOSTAR started

BIOSTAR was founded in 1986 where its race to the future began as a humble motherboard brand during its establishment as BIOSTAR MICROTECH INTERNATIONAL CORPORATION. In 1999, BIOSTAR was publicly listed in the Taiwan Stock Exchange (TWSE). And soon after the company’s growth started flowing with milestones like in 2005 when BIOSTAR established its Graphics Card Division to supply its customers with better solutions besides integrated ones. This year also marked the debut of BIOSTAR’s T-series motherboards to signify its aggressiveness in creating its own style and design. In 2006, BIOSTAR established its IPC division dedicated to the industrial sector creating solutions for specialized applications.

In 2008-2009 marked a momentous year for BIOSTAR highlighting multiple achievements when it released its first TPower extreme overclocking motherboard signifying its strong product development skills to allow it to compete in such a demanding market. During this time BIOSTAR was also awarded as Taiwan’s Top 20 Global Brand and was ranked #1 as the top motherboard brand for iCafe in China.

BIOSTAR followed up that year with its ISO 14001 certification and the debut of the BIOSTAR HIFI series in 2012. The next year in 2013, BIOSTAR introduces the 2nd-generation Hi-Fi 3D motherboard series and announces its 6+ experience feature set.

BIOSTAR enter the healthcare market aiming to be one of the best healthcare treatment technology provider to help improve the sector. BIOSTAR also introduces its mini-PC and bare bones system during this time in 2014.

And big changes have come in recent times with 2015 debuting the BIOSTAR gaming series motherboard which was immediately followed up by the new flagship RACING series and the PRO series of motherboard which introduces the best of what BIOSTAR has to offer and is a symbol of what the company represents now as it races towards the future.

What BIOSTAR will do
“There’s a reason BIOSTAR has been in this business for 30 years and that reason is our passion and commitment” says Kevin Cheng, Global Marketing Manager for BIOSTAR. “Our passion in designing and delivering the best products and our commitment to provide them to our customers who will benefit the most from our passion. This is what drives us.”

This signifies the unified thought of the four business units of BIOSTAR who together comprises the company’s innovative lineup of solutions: Motherboard division, VGA division, Industrial PC division and the Healthcare division. Each one specializing in a particular market to deliver the utmost focus for maximum solutions.

In the foreseeable future, BIOSTAR will continue to grow and expand under the new branding vision, and we call it: B.I.O.S.T.A.R.:

To commemorate this occasion, BIOSTAR is releasing the limited edition motherboard model RACING B150 GT3 with the distinct BIOSTAR 30 year anniversary logo on its heatsink to signify this milestone.

Celebrating 30 years of excellence, the BIOSTAR RACING B150GT3 highlights the companies’ commitment to the industry with a special edition release. The BIOSTAR RACING B150GT3 features custom BIOSTAR 30 Years logo in the heatsink and the box with a gold distinction in the GT3 naming in the box.

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