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Catch ‘em all at Harbour City Hong Kong

Harbour City
Find Pokéstops, Pokéstop gyms and a rare Asia-exclusive Pokémon

When going to Hong Kong, there’s so much to look forward to—the shopping, the food, the nightlife, and now, the Pokémon. While the Philippines still hasn’t gotten in on the new game, neighboring Hong Kong is already home to the little creatures. So when you pack your bags for your trip, get the Pokémon GO app and get ready to become a Pokémon master.

With Pokémon GO taking Hong Kong by storm, large groups of players have been seen on the Hong Kong streets even till late into the night. Many Hong Kong establishments have since stepped in to better help their customers.

Hong Kong mobile phone service provider CSL is offering consumers free unlimited data when downloading the Pokémon GO app while The Woods, a bar in Central is now providing complimentary Wi-Fi and wall sockets for ease of phone charging. Taking it to the next level, The Woods has also introduced their Pokémon-inspired cocktails that diners can enjoy as they catch their Pokémon.

Harbour City, Hong Kong’s largest mall, has become a favorite spot for Pokémon trainers. The sprawling space comprised of hotels, retail stores, restaurants, and cinemas is a place you can catch and train your Pokémon and collect valuable items. In an effort to ensure the safety of all trainers, Harbour City launches Pokémon GO Guide at Harbour City to help trainers make the most of their time at the mall. Around 20 Pokéstops and 2 Pokéstop gyms in Harbour City will be flagged with stickers to help trainers attract more Pokémon to the location using ‘Lure Modules’.

Make the most out of your trip and get in on this worldwide phenomenon. Head over to catch your own Pokémon in Hong Kong.

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