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Mitsubishi Montero Sport Head to Head Test Drive Challenge resumes this weekend at the SM Mall of Asia

Mitsubishi Montero Sport Spiral Ramp Test
The spiral ramp tilts the car on both sides to test if the seats will hold the passengers in place.

Mitsubishi Motors Philippines Corp. (MMPC) will resume the Montero Sport Head to Head Test Drive Challenge at the Block 12 of SM Mall of Asia this weekend, August 20 and 21, after being cancelled last weekend due to inclement weather.

After the successful staging in Davao, Cebu and San Fernando, Pampanga, the Head to Head Test Drive now shifts to Manila as MMPC dares everyone to compare the Montero Sport with other competitive models in its class.

The test drive track layout will enable customers feel the power, easy handling, maneuverability, riding comfort, among others of the Montero Sport. This is the best opportunity for customers who are still having a hard time in choosing which midsize SUV to purchase. This unique test drive experience will allow customers to decide which among the available midsize SUVs in the market offers the best ride and features for them. Customer who will test drive the Montero Sport and other brands can personally experience and compare each vehicle for better judgement.

Aside from the test drive, there will also be available displays of Mitsubishi’s bestselling vehicles at the venue. Customers who will test drive at the same time make a reservation for a brand new Montero Sport on site can get as much as P50,000 savings coupon plus exciting freebies. Don’t miss out this rare opportunity to test drive the Montero Sport and its competition in one venue. Test Drive is from 10am until 6pm only.

Mitsubishi Montero Sport Waterproof and Flood Test
This pool of water simulates moderate flood conditions and checks the ability of the car to negotiate road floods. It also tests the vehicle’s waterproofing quality and weather-sealing.

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