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Moto360 is now available through MSI-ECS


If you find yourself wondering on what is the best wearable to get out of all the hundreds in the market today, consider getting yourself a smartwatch that highlights the perfect mix of fashion and function – the Moto360.

The first Android Wear device to have a round face, the Moto360 2nd Gen still lives up to the promise of looking and feeling like a real watch. But with the function of a smartwatch. The Moto360 lets you stay in the moment, thanks to the Android Wear™ feature; you can read messages and notifications without even lifting your phone. You can sync your Goggle Play music playlist straight to Moto360, allowing you to listen to your favorite playlist while on the go.

Combining an edge-to-edge glass with an exceptionally thin, polished bezel, the new Moto360 is the wearable made with sophistication. Whether your color of choice is rose gold, black or silver, you can make sure the case is precision-crafted from aircraft-grade stainless steel matched with uncompromised quality metals and leathers material. It supports classic designs yet highly customizable. Personalize your own look with its tool-less band removal in the Moto Maker site.

Moto360 lets you monitor your key health and well-being performance. It’s your personalized, built-in fitness coach that keeps track of all your steps, calories and heart rate while on your wrist. It features ANYLIGHT Hybrid Display, GPS and Barometer, and silicon rubber that allow you to use it all day, every day.

The Moto360 is available in the Philippines and distributed by MSI-ECS. To know more about its specs and pricing, email inquiry@msi-ecs.com.ph or call (02) 688- 3501 or 3512.

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