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Suzuki Philippines posts 37% growth in H1, eclipses the 27.4% automotive industry growth

Suzuki Celerio
Suzuki Celerio’s whopping five-fold sales growth steers Suzuki Philippines’ stellar first half performance to overtake last year’s figures and gain higher than industry rate

Consistently strengthening its market presence, Suzuki Philippines Inc. (SPH) announces an impressive 37 percent first half sales growth compared to the same period last year. This increment is better than the performance of the industry for the first six months of 2016, which stands at 27.4 percent (based on CAMPI data). In 2015 SPH, the only integrated automobile and motorcycle company in the country, recorded a massive 52 percent year-on-year growth, which it hopes to surpass this year.

A marked increase in unit sales, successive inaugurations of new dealerships and a very enthusiastic market response to the most recently launched model, the Suzuki Ciaz, all contributed to drive the company’s growth in H1. From January to June 2016, SPH sold a total of 6,613 car units, up by 1,770 over last year’s H1 sales of 4,843.

Celerio’s historic quintuple sales growth and Ciaz’s promising performance
The bestselling models namely the Suzuki Celerio, Ertiga and Swift, continued to raise the numbers for the company. Aside from the record-breaking sales growth of Celerio, the Ertiga showed a 20 percent improvement over 2015 H1 sales to help boost SPH's sales increase. Suzuki Ertiga is a popular choice for those who are looking for a spacious interior as it can accommodate seven people on a three-row layout with adjustable seat slides to customize the space on each row.

Meanwhile, the subcompact sporty hatchback Suzuki Swift made a 9 percent hike in the same period. Boasting superior handling and fuel economy, the Swift announced its 5 millionth unit sold worldwide in April this year, and contributed significantly to the first quarter sales tally of SPH.

The current performance of the latest member of the Suzuki family, the subcompact sedan all-new Ciaz also played a major role in SPH’s success this year. The launch of Ciaz in the Philippines was highly anticipated after its successful introduction in other Asian countries, and it has sustained the market’s interest with the numerous marketing activities including the Ciaz Media Test Drive, Ciaz Media Launch and Ciaz Bank Test Drive. Ciaz's entry in the market months ago was successfully met with high sales turnaround and favorable feedback among its initial buyers. Indeed, this luxurious sub-compact sedan car which promises fuel efficiency and enhances the overall driving experience further invigorated the interest of the public in the Suzuki brand.

With the escalating demand for the Ciaz, it is already projected that this stylish sedan will become another big sales driver for Suzuki Philippines. It comes in five different colors, offers a premium interior, and is designed to provide supreme comfort in terms of bigger leg space, headroom and shoulder room thanks to its longer wheelbase.

Clinching the top honors during the DOE Fuel Eco Run
During the 280-kilometer Euro 4 Fuel Economy Run organized by the Department of Energy (DOE) in partnership with Petron Corporation last May, Suzuki got three out of the top five spots in fuel efficiency in the gasoline category.

Suzuki Celerio CVT emerged as the #1 gasoline-powered engine after being able to cover an average of 29.14 kilometers per liter of fuel. The event which was participated in by 70 vehicles from more than 20 different manufacturers also recognized Ciaz as #1 fuel efficient car for gasoline in the sedan category at 27.94km/L.

As well, the Celerio M/T (clocking in at 27.70km/l), Ciaz GLX A/T (22.93km/L), Swift 1.2 (22.35km/L), and Ertiga GLX A/T (22.03km/L) all gave strong performances at the event which was organized to raise public awareness on the DOE's fuel efficiency labelling program.

Suzuki continues to bring its products closer to the Filipinos
SPH continues to share the Suzuki Way of Life not only with its innovative product lineups but also by making its cars and services more accessible to more patrons with additional stores and branches. For the first half of the year alone, SPH heralded the opening of its five new dealerships in key areas of the Philippines, particularly the Suzuki Auto South Cebu, Suzuki SM Seaside City Satellite Showroom, Suzuki Auto Quezon Avenue plus the two shops in Bulacan, the Suzuki Auto Pulilan and Suzuki Auto Malolos.

The opening of the new dealerships aims to bring the Suzuki brand closer to its market especially in locations that are seen as dynamic catalysts of economic growth.

With a vibrant forecast for the rest of the year, SPH looks forward to closing 2016 with a bang.

Shuzo Hoshikura, General Manager for Automobile, Suzuki Philippines, expresses his gratitude and shares his excitement for H2. "We are very happy with the recent growth in our sales and we would like to thank those who remain loyal to our brand. Be assured that better days are coming as we announce additional launches this year," he said.

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