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Lowest Prices Guaranteed on Carmudi.com.ph

Lowest Prices Guaranteed on Carmudi.com.ph

Millions of people around the world are taking advantage of the electronic marketplace and its clear advantages. Unburdened by the traditional capital expenses of maintaining physical structures and dedicated sales people, the virtual platform is promising the best prices along with a largely pain-free experience.

Established online vehicle marketplace Carmudi.com.ph is a prime example of the business model redounding in gains for both buyer and seller. The international website with a dedicated Philippine content is facilitating quicker and more convenient transactions between verified, reputable sellers and prospective buyers of new and old vehicles. Carmudi users have unparalleled and swift access to tens of thousands of certified listings and, perhaps, most importantly, get an unmatched guarantee that of lowest price.

“In another industry first by Carmudi, we and our select dealer partners are making a lowest-price guarantee,” said country managing director Abhi Mohan. “Along with excellent pre- and post-sales service, we vow to offer the best possible prices for transactions.”

Mohan added that to make this happen, Carmudi deals with only the best and most reputable partners. “It’s about quality over quantity,” he maintained. “And we are confident this principle redounds in the best experience and benefits for all parties.”

Carmudi will not only match based on budget and preference, but can now equal or beat existing quotes from other sellers as well. The best-price guarantee applies for both cash purchases and financing schemes.

To know more about the “Lowest Price Guarantee”, visit carmudi.com.ph.

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