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Sino Pinas: No mountain too high to climb and discover with Samsung Galaxy J Series (2016)

Sino Pinas
Staying connected with friends and family, after having trekked to the top of Mt. Gulugod Baboy

Nothing can connect Filipinos better than a common pursuit – a love for adventure, a sense of community, and a deep appreciation for the country’s spell-binding beauty. That’s how Sino Pinas came into being, crossing over from being an online group to a thriving community of individuals who regularly go on treks and climbs across the archipelago. Thanks to reliable smartphones such as the Galaxy J5 and J7 (2016), which can almost magically receive signals even in places that are regarded as dead spots, Sino Pinas members are able to share images and videos of their adventures with all other Filipinos who share their passion for adventure and the great outdoors.

Recently, Sino Pinas roadtested the Samsung Galaxy J5 and J7 (2016) during a trip to the imposing Mt. Gulugod Baboy in Anilao, Batangas, where the phones’ signal never faltered, what with Signal Max that allows for wider signal coverage and clearer calls, and Ultra Data Saving that allows optimized data storage. With 48GB of memory, both phones enabled Sino Pinas to easily do what they came for – collect stunning images and videos of our beautiful country and share the stories that these tell with the rest of the world.

Let’s hear how this story started:

Who is Sino Pinas? How did this group/venture/community start?
Sino Pinas is a community of Filipinos in quest of discovering the Philippines; its beauty, culture & people - one place at a time. It started out as an online conversations among instagrammers who share the same passion for photography and community-building. Sino Pinas officially started with an "Insta-walk" around the busy streets of Manila, trying to rediscover its scenic spots. From there we developed a small community who used our hashtag, #SinoPinas.

Describe your first hiking experience.
We didn't actually expect for Sino Pinas to grow that big that's why we initially did pure city walks. But 6 months after the foundation of Sino Pinas, we went out of town and brought almost 40 people to Corregidor. This was because we wanted to give people from Manila a unique kind of photowalk. And a few months after, together with the community that we built, we hiked Mt. Balagbag and Mt. Maranat in Rizal. It was another experience that was truly memorable. Our bonds with the community became tighter as we bravely faced the challenges of hiking up the mountain. It was a rewarding experience when we reached the summit. Then it was followed by an anniversary instameet of Sino Pinas in Mt. Pulag, another adventure that's definitely one for the books.

You guys obviously love the mountains and outdoors, but we’re sure that there are some modern elements you wish reached the mountains. What are these things?
To see the view from the summit is the goal of every adventurer. It's a bonus if we can capture the scenery in its full glory using our devices. And since it's the age of digital technology, I think it's normal for people to instantly share their experience to their social media accounts as soon as they arrived at the summit. So having a stable signal would be a great added element when taking on adventures.

How was your experience when you first impression on bringing the Samsung Galaxy J7 (2016) out on the mountains?
We took the phone out for a test drive last week when we trekked on Mt. Gulugod Baboy in Anilao, Batangas. It amazed me how helpful it is to get a signal to places where usually it can get difficult. I'm so glad we had it along for the whole experience.

Also, not all destinations that we got across always have reliable signal. This may prove to be inconvenient especially on sharing moments to family and friends. With the new Signal Max feature, this won't be an issue anymore!

Your IG followers are surely composed of travel enthusiasts like yourselves. Can you share a pro tip for first-time trekkers out there?
Pack lightly. Focus on just taking the essentials. It's no use enjoying the journey when when you're exhausted from the excess baggage you're carrying. Be in the moment, be one with nature. We're after the experience of the unexpected. Being alive. Being in the moment. Being here. And remember, leave no trace.

What’s that one thing that pushes you to reach the peak despite the grit and sweat?
Never mind getting all gritty and sweaty. It's part of the journey after all. It's always about conquering that next step, that next climb, that next summit. Seeing them getting accomplished one by one makes the difference instead of thinking of the might have beens.

For Filipinos, the ability to connect and build a sense of community always matter. That’s why Samsung Galaxy J Series (2016) -- effortlessly vanquishes their constant woes of poor signals, weak reception, and expensive data charges----make for trusty, reliable companions that one can depend on, whether up the mountains or on city streets, or wherever else one chooses to be.

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