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The Petter Unveils New Mobile App To Organize Your Pet’s Life

The Petter
The Petter, a brand new IOS app, makes it easy for pet owners and pet professionals to keep track of pet’s info.

Pet owners and lovers can easily keep track of their pet’s life through a new mobile app called The Petter, which is now available for download. The Petter allows users to upload their pet’s health information, appointments, and contacts. Users also can share photos and pet profiles with other app users. The free app is currently available for IOS only, and can be downloaded here.

“I’ve always loved datebooks and planners, and I use one every day,” said the app’s creator, Jeanie Galbreath. But, with the rise of app usage in recent years, Jeanie felt it was time to turn the print calendar version of The Petter into a mobile app. “The logical next step was for me to create an app. I spoke to dog show participants, veterinarians and pet lovers in general who all said that they didn’t have set systems to track their pet’s schedules.”

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