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Home is where change begins

Haier Appliances
Elevate home life this New Year with Haier appliances

Every New Year comes new resolutions, but before laying down any health, relationship, or financial goal for 2017, take a good look at your home.

“How we organize our homes reflect how we see ourselves,” said Joseph Alexis Bandol, Haier Philippines’ Director for Product Marketing. “Surrounding our homes with our dreams and aspirations can inspire us to work towards what we want to become.”

A New Year makeover is the perfect opportunity to transform our homes into spaces that motivate us to accomplish positive changes in our lives.

Let’s start with the most practical elements: appliances. Older models are often less energy efficient than more modern counterparts. Newer designs also come with improved functionalities as well as better aesthetics.

Appliances play a vital role in raising quality of life—a core concept behind the innovations of global electronics leader Haier. Here are some of the brand’s appliances that have been designed to elevate home life to inspired living.

Ultra HD TV
With four times the resolution of full high-definition television, 4K TVs bring unbelievable visual clarity that makes TV watching no different from looking out the window.

To further heighten the experience, Haier’s 4K Ultra HD LED TV comes with a 48-inch screen along with an upscaling feature, auto volume leveler, and power-saving technology.

Inverter Refrigerator
Unlike traditional refrigerators, inverter models consume electricity by half or even less by minimizing energy consumption when temperatures are already optimal.

Haier takes this up a notch with inverter compressors equipped with Flexible Double Frequency conversion technology to cut power use to less than 0.1 watts when idle—the lowest in the industry.

Green Air Conditioning
It’s time to replace those clunky energy-guzzling air conditioners with units that save on electricity. Even at 0.5 horsepower, Haier’s window-type ACs can cool a bedroom without dramatically increasing the utility bill.

These air conditioners also use eco-friendly refrigerant to cool homes while lowering environmental impact. The compact, space-saving design further adds modern elegance to any space.

Automatic Washing Machine
Laundry day doesn’t have to be another time-consuming chore. A large-capacity, fully automatic top-load washing machine can reduce the effort needed to clean a week’s worth of dirty clothes.

For added convenience, Haier’s large-capacity automatic washers are designed with a Tub Dry feature and Magic Lint Filter for easy maintenance, as well as 10 water level options and eight washing programs to accommodate different volumes of laundry.

Cooking Appliances
Good kitchen efficiency means having an easier time following a healthier diet. With Haier’s 2,100-watt induction cooker, you can prepare nutritious meals with no worries thanks to different pre-settings for various cooking styles.

For busy days, a 23-liter microwave oven from Haier will let you cook simple, hassle-free meals through six power levels so you won’t have to resort to fast food when you’re on the go.

“Positive change starts at home. The small improvements we make at home can help create an environment that encourages us to become better people, not just for ourselves but also for others,” Bandol said.<

Welcome New Year with a home that inspires good living.

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