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Mitsubishi Motors Philippines Records Highest Production Volume Since 1998

Mitsubishi L300

Mitsubishi Motors Philippines Corporation (MMPC) ended 2016 recording a significant double digit increase of 46% in its production volume. The production output significantly improved from 15,066 units in 2015 to 22,008 units in 2016. This is remarkably the highest production volume that MMPC was able to achieve since 1998. MMPC locally manufactures the L300 and the Adventure which are among its core and best-selling models.

Mitsubishi Motors Philippines having the longest history of more than 50 years of vehicle production is the first automaker to achieve 500,000 production milestone in 2009 and further achieving a new record of 600,000 milestone last year. Before having just L300 and Adventure in the production line, MMPC produced previous models of Lancer, Galant, Space Wagon, Strada, Pajero and Fuso trucks.

With the proven reliability and low maintenance cost of these two locally produced models, the demand for the L300 and Adventure continued to surge last year which prompted MMPC to maximize its production capacity. Last November 2016, MMPC started two shift production operations, and hired additional five hundred employees (500) to supplement its current production operations. This expansion was also for the local production of Mirage G4 which started this February and Mirage hatchback which is set to begin production in May as part of the Comprehensive Automotive Resurgence Strategy (CARS) program. MMPC expects a steadfast growth in its production volume with the start of the localization of Mirage models. For 2017, MMPC aims to produce 42,000 units, with the inclusion of the Mirage models.

“We are pleased to achieve such huge increase in production volume in 2016. This improvement can be credited to our stable economy which brings forth strong consumer confidence and also the collective efforts our employees and our business partners”, MMPC President and CEO Mr. Yoshiaki Kato commented. He also added that the company’s continuous growth will benefit the whole nation as well as it aims to create more job opportunities for the Filipinos. MMPC is highly confident that with its state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities and processes, each vehicle produced in the Sta. Rosa plant is of world-class quality.

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