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BIOSTAR introduces A320 PRO Series AM4 Motherboards


BIOSTAR is thrilled to present the latest addition to its AM4 product line-up with the debut of the 2nd-generation of the highly-acclaimed BIOSTAR PRO Series motherboards. The new BIOSTAR A320 PRO series features new and improved features that focus on reliability, stability whilst providing top-of-the-line performance. The 2nd-generation PRO Series motherboards featuring A320 chipset supports AMD RYZEN CPU and upcoming APUs for the AM4 socket. The board will support up to DDR4-2667 memory up to 32GB in capacity.

The 2nd-Gen BIOSTAR PRO Series
BIOSTAR’s PRO Series stands for Profession, Recreation and Obdurability. The PRO Series redefines the norm of motherboard by advanced enhancements such as Audio Art Capacitors, Iron Heart Protection, and Tough Power Enhanced to transform the PC into a professional entertainment and office hub. Also introducing the newest function of the 2nd-gen BIOSTAR PRO Series motherboards is the Nano Carbon Coating Heatsink which improves cooling performance for improved service life.


BIOSTAR’s PRO Series of motherboards are products aimed at consumers who want the absolute best value and with incredible price-to-performance ratio. Now on its 2nd-generation, the BIOSTAR PRO Series now packs improved performance as well as the classic stability, endurance and value that the series is known for. The 2nd-gen BIOSTAR PRO Series boards featured an enhanced power design that ensures stability and durability for secure, long-term usage. Backed with a metal retention backplate, this improves board integrity and makes it free from deformation made from large coolers. Nichicon high-end audio capacitors also make the 2nd-gen BIOSTAR PRO series boards a great choice for entertainment offering improved audio over competing models by offering superb sound quality for a great listening experience.

BIOSTAR PRO Series Features

  • Nano Carbon Coating Heatsink – 2nd-gen PRO Series exclusive feature that improves overall cooling effect compared to traditional aluminum-extruded heatsink. Mesoporous carbon material expands the heat dissipation area and increases heat conductivity efficiently better than traditional heatsinks.
  • Audio Art Capacitors – high-end Japanese Nichicon audio capacitors bring audio to life to offer a whole new artistic dimension and clarity to your listening experience.
  • Tough Power Enhanced – high-endurance power design allows the BIOSTAR PRO series motherboards to endure high-current with consistent full energy output without additional energy loss.
  • Iron Heart Protection – a reinforced CPU backplate protects PRO series motherboards from bending and stress caused by heavy CPU coolers. This protects the motherboard from potential circuit damage and serves to conduct some heat away from the CPU and VRM area as well.

The BIOSTAR A320MH PRO features HDMI connection for modern devices that support the interface and support resolutions up to 4096 x 2160 @24Hz or 3840 x 2160 @30Hz.

The BIOSTAR A320MD PRO has a built-in DVI-D connector supporting resolutions up to 1920 x 1200 @60Hz.

Those looking to utilize a traditional display for PCs like a monitor can choose the DVI-D equipped A320MD PRO and enjoy up to 1920x1200px display resolution and for those looking to enjoy up to UHD 4K content for entertainment applications, the A320MH PRO features an HDMI port for excellent visual quality up to 4K Ultra HD resolutions.

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