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Yahoo Philippines Homepage Gets a New Look!

Yahoo Philippines Homepage
Refresh offers a more unified experience across Yahoo News and Yahoo Homepage

Yahoo today announced the new Yahoo Homepage, along with updates to Yahoo News for users in the Philippines. These changes, hosted on a dedicated Philippines domain - ph.yahoo.com, will provide a more unified experience across the Yahoo homepage and core properties, offering a better way to consume, engage, and discover the quality content users have come to expect.

With cleaner, more modern designs and a focus on increased personalization, the new sites deliver a continuous stream of articles tailored to each user (including original content) and create a more consistent experience on Yahoo properties across devices.

Here are some highlights:

Yahoo Homepage

The new Yahoo homepage is designed keeping user behavior in mind. Yahoo has made it easier for users to get all the latest news and content, in less time. People no longer need to open individual articles in multiple browser tabs; instead, they can simply scroll through related stories inline. They can also engage in conversations, share what they are passionate about with a tap, and like their favorite articles by clicking on the heart icon.

Up top, Yahoo’s editors pick some of the most important stories people need to know, alongside content most relevant to them. Over time, as users click on more content, the Yahoo stream becomes more tailored to their interests. The more people use homepage, the better their experience will be.

Yahoo News
Yahoo News provides content relevant to Filipinos, ranging from international and local politics to sports and entertainment to viral videos. For example, users can read articles – or watch videos – about the latest government pronouncements, get updates on NBA games, or find out what local artistas or Hollywood celebrities are up to.

The new upgraded design for Yahoo Philippines will provide users with a new experience which includes considerably faster page load, more seamless surfacing of slideshows, videos and original content and a more conformed platform.

Yahoo will continue to provide the same quality content their audiences all over the world have come to expect. This major redesign of the homepage and core properties lays the foundation for many upcoming new features across platforms, harnessing the full power of Yahoo to create a unified experience across desktop and mobile web.

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