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Make your Honda Cars Fuel Efficient

Honda Brio

Did you know that you could optimize the fuel efficiency of your Honda car? Honda has designed impressive features to maximize fuel consumption of your car. Honda owners are highly encouraged to utilize these features when driving your Honda during short or long trips with your loved ones. Enjoy driving!

Optimize Fuel Efficiency Features

  • Honda’s engines utilize advanced features which provide the same driving experience from a smaller and more fuel-efficient engine. While the VTEC feature enables switching from two engine profiles: Fuel Efficiency and Power.
  • Check your ECON Button because this is your guide if you are efficiently driving your car. It provides two acceleration profile based on customer’s need: Smooth and Fuel-Efficient or Fast and Aggressive.
  • Use cruise control on long drives as this provides a driving setting that limits you to go beyond the pre-set speed.
  • Shift gears according to the road situation. Example, you may use L or Low when driving downhill or uphill road and if you want an extra kick in acceleration in a smooth city road, shift to S or Sports gear.
  • Utilize Automatic Climate Control to ensure optimum setting of your Air Conditioning unit to maintain the selected cabin temperature while balancing fuel efficiency.

Your Honda car has to be in good condition to optimize the fuel efficiency features through proper maintenance at any authorized Honda Dealerships nationwide.

Avail of Honda’s After-Sales Quality Services

  • Because of a quality engine, Honda requires its vehicle to undergo Preventive Maintenance twice a year (or every six months) only. Less visit means less cost.
  • Always go for Honda Genuine Parts to guarantee that your vehicle would not be compromised.
  • Avail of Honda’s Service Programs and Promotion Packages so you can save time and money.
  • Give time to respond to surveys. Honda values voice of the customers as this is an opportunity to create improvements.
  • Honda is committed to providing products and services with the highest quality that is why Honda is actively informing our customers to any Product Updates or Campaigns.

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