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Realme Buds Air Best Features

Realme Philippines is committed to developing high-tier audio accessories that deliver optimum and high-grade experience at a lowcost. The realme Buds Air is the most-affordable, high-quality TWS at only Php3,990. Below are the realme Buds Air best features.

Realme Buds Air

True value, seamless experience
Powered by the R1 chipset with Bluetooth 5.0, the realme Buds Air elevates the wireless experience by allowing a convenient and easy-access use.

The realme Buds Air is the first in its price segment to adopt dual-channel transmission technology for enhanced audio. By minimizing latency up to 51 percent to guarantee a swift and steady synchronization between audio and visuals, mobile gaming fans can enjoy an enhanced gaming experience with the realme Buds Air.

Immersive exceptional audio
The realme Buds Air highly complements the lifestyle of music and movie enthusiasts. Designed by a team of acoustic experts, it boasts a 12mm bass sound driver that delivers intensive and powerful audio quality without compromising richness and fidelity.

The Buds Air also has the capability of filtering out noise during calls, ensuring clarity as it blocks out environment racket. This way, users can take delight not only in an immersive entertainment experience but in seamless day-to-day calls as well.

Realme Buds Air Yellow

True wireless experience
Staying true to its promise of true wireless experience, the realme Buds Air is charged wirelessly.

Be it during a long commute or on a lazy afternoon, users can enjoy hours of music playback or gaming without worrying about running out of juice. The realme Buds Air offers more than three hours of music playback.

The cabin can charge the buds for a total of 17 hours.Users have the option of charging via a type-C cord.

Easy operation with touch control
The realme Buds Air boasts ease of use with its built-in Google Assistant, intelligent touch operation and high-grade sensors.

The built-in Google voice Assistant enables the realme Buds Air to perform a myriad of tasks through voice command. Further reinforcing its non-phone command interaction is its intelligent touch operation, which lets functions such as answering calls and activating the game mode to be easily done with just a tap.

Optimized with high-grade sensors, the realme Buds Air can detect when it is in use, allowing it to automatically play music once the user puts the buds on. It will pause music once the buds are removed. The instant auto-connection feature enables an uninterrupted listening experience.

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