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A Mother’s Day Tribute: Nurturing the Garden

Mothers are like exquisite floras. They blossom, nurture life, and wither when the season is ripe. Their realm is established in a special garden of their loved ones – the heart.

Happy Mother's Day

When flowers have vibrant petals that support reproduction, moms are known to be the world’s legendary caregivers. They are labeled as the wind beneath the wings, and the great support system. Warm. Forgiving. Affectionate. Indulgent. Cheerleader. Best Friend. Forever Friend. More than giving birth to their offspring, they add meaning to what life is all about. They shower us with the utmost care that they can give even if it equates to being weary and old. Apart from serving nutritious delights, feeding us with lessons from universal truths is a slice of their calling.

None of the mothers out there are perfect. They, too, are flawed. There are good times, there are tough days. Often, they are subtly sweet and soft. Occasionally, anguish, sadness, and hurt rule their souls. Even their life stories can be excruciating.  Despite those twists and turns, moms come out of their shells as bold warriors. No wonder, that’s the splendor of their unique characters. They become inspirational even to those whom they have touched their lives with.

As flowers bathe in water and bask in the radiant sunshine, mommies also yearn for love clothed in meaningful ways. They may not directly utter it, but such is the theme of their daily prayers. That one day, their children will honor them in word and in deed. That they will remember, and recognize as to how a mother’s selfless love delivers comfort, joy, and peace.

A garden without flowers is plain and incomplete. More so, a world deprived of mothers is a thorough mess. Today and in this lifetime, we cherish the gift of motherhood that has honed cultures and people of various shapes and patterns. To the amazing queen flowers of the households, hang in there. You are doing a great job in tending your garden. Happy Mothers’ Day!

Image Credit: Clipart.info

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