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Qomunica introduces QCON: The Philippines’ first video conferencing app made for public use

Qomunica Group, a tech startup based in Cagayan de Oro City, Philippines introduced its flagship product QCON, a high quality web-based video conferencing application that's fast, secured, and combines all the popular features in one simple app, in a virtual social media product release.

Qomunica QCON

QCON is joining the video conferencing market which has seen an increase in demand not only with the outbreak of COVID19 pandemic limiting transportation though lockdowns, but as part of globalization and digitalization in businesses worldwide. Video conferencing solutions became a major collaboration tool attributing to organizations making decisions faster.

The app highlights its web-based attributes that feel like a natural extension of users’ daily activities on the internet. It has a simple and user-friendly interface with high quality audio and video output and popular features like screen sharing, chat functionality, mobile app availability on play store and app store, and a host of other tools which make it convenient for organizations to carry meetings with multiple participants. The app also offers unlimited talk time that makes it attractive versus existing video conferencing applications in the market.

“Qomunica’s vision is to turn the Philippines into a digital country, and one of the ways to advance this is through our advocacy to develop apps that will help digitalize the needs of the government, consumers and micro, small and medium enterprises.” said Ma Margarita Cuartero, CEO, Qomunica. “We aim to be the leader of software development in the country delivering applications of international standards. QCON is only one of the many applications we have lined up for deployment. Qomunica hopes this is a call for local software development companies to start creating applications aimed to improve the Philippines.” she said.

The development and release of QCON for public consumption builds an exciting digital advancement for the country as more and more people are adopting digital collaboration tools.

QCON can be accessed through https://qcon.qomunicall.com/

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