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Fujitsu Philippines opens modern HQ in Makati

Fujitsu Philippines, Inc. marks another milestone as it officially opened its new office in Makati City.

Fujitsu Philippines Modern HQ in Makati
(L-R): Johann G. Tarrayo, Head of Sales, Comworks Inc.; Raul ‘Cricket’ Santiago III, President and CEO, Fujitsu Philippines Inc.; Alfred V. Villa-real, VP for Corporate Affairs, Communicate Technologies Inc.; and Nadia Cabrido, Head of Sales, Fujitsu Philippines Inc.

Located at the NEX Tower, a 28-story office building along Ayala Avenue, the new Fujitsu office is designed to foster collaboration among its employees and build a resilient and adaptive workforce.

Fujitsu Philippines President and CEO Raul "Cricket" Santiago said the concept of making the modern office 'borderless' have been around for years as part of the company's digital transformation efforts.

"We knew that today's workplaces are changing into a non-physical environment, where employees can work anytime from anywhere. When the pandemic started last year, it further accelerated the need for organizations to shift to flexible working setups quickly. In the next couple of years, we also anticipate the surge of younger, digital savvy, and more dynamic workforce, and we knew that this new office would cater to their needs," added Santiago.

The new Fujitsu office boasts of its modern design with a colorful, cozy, and spacious interior suited to today's employees' needs. It also embraced the flexible, hot-desking style, where employees can take whatever desk is available instead of having one assigned space.

It also has the right mix of spaces to work in, allowing all Fujitsu staff to set things up and use the suitable facilities, tools, and technologies while still making it easy for everyone to work together, wherever they are—whether they are on the go, in the office, at home, or in the field.

Among the office's new facilities include employee lounges, phone booths, smart meeting rooms, open huddle rooms, and innovation labs for product simulations.

There is also an 'aruga' nursing/breastfeeding clinic in response to the Department Order 143 of the Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE), emphasizing the importance of setting up lactation stations in the workplace. This facility is also one of Fujitsu's ways to empower women in the workplace and ensure workforce inclusivity.

Currently, Fujitsu utilizes a hybrid setup to ensure full operation. Only some of their employees can go to their headquarters by schedule. Others work remotely, either from home, in the field, or with their clients.

Adhering to strict health protocols amid the pandemic, the company mandates safety practices, such as temperature checks, wearing facemasks and face shields, regular hand washing or sanitizing, social distancing, among others, particularly for employees who need to go to their office.

"Last year, we witnessed how organizations needed to change how they operate to survive and thrive under extreme situations. Despite these circumstances, we can aspire to achieve a 'better normal' by turning our organizations into agile and adaptive enterprises. This is also what our new office is all about. After all, we do not know when massive disruptions will happen again," Santiago said.

Fujitsu Philippines has been helping local organizations across various industries achieve their goals and become an adaptive enterprise, a critical strategy in unlocking success amid uncertain times. It enables any organization to pivot from risk, continuously add value, deliver new customer experiences, and improve operational effectiveness.

With its Fujitsu Work Life Shift campaign, it aims to help build an adaptive enterprise. It accelerates cost restructuring activities, enabling the organization to emerge in a more agile, resilient form. It also brings the opportunity to enhance productivity by freeing the employees to focus on creating real value, with no online or offline boundaries, while being part of a new and resilient organizational culture.

Fujitsu will also offer its customers the same experience, realized with solutions incorporating know-how gained through internal practice, under three key categories: "Smart Working," "Borderless Office," and "Culture Change."

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