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PLDT Home Prepaid WiFi customers now under the care of Smart

Better data offers, perks and rewards await PLDT Home Prepaid WiFi customers as Smart Communications, Inc. (Smart), the wireless arm of the country’s largest and only integrated telco PLDT, rebrands PLDT Home Prepaid WiFi into Smart complementing their current mobile broadband services under Smart Bro.

PLDT Prepaid Home WiFi Advance

Starting March 1, all PLDT Home Prepaid WiFi subscribers shall be Smart subscribers and may enjoy data offers like GIGA Pro, which comes with a generous combination of 3 GB per day of any GIGA offer – whether it’s Video, Study, Work, Games, or Stories – plus bigger open access data to cover all online activities.

Customers may also still enjoy big-sized data promos that suit their family’s needs, such as Famload Study, Famload Video, and Famload Video Plus.

PLDT Home WiFi customers may now also enjoy a simpler, easier, and smarter way to stay on top of all their online activities now that they can check their accounts through the GigaLife App.

Downloadable on Google Play Store and the Apple App Store, the GigaLife App serves as a convenient portal for subscribers to easily check their load, monitor their data usage in real time, as well as purchase and register to data promos.

By using the GigaLife App, subscribers also get to earn and accumulate GigaPoints, which can be used to redeem data rewards lifestyle perks.

The PLDT Home WiFi and Smart Bro are powered by Smart LTE, the country’s fastest mobile data network as reported by third-party mobile internet analytics firms, such as Opensignal and Ookla.

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