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BPI-Philam opens hundreds of jobs for Filipinos amid pandemic

BPI-Philam announces it has opened over 700 posts to aid Filipinos struggling to find a job amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Latest data from the Philippine Statistics Authority puts the country’s unemployment rate at an estimated 7.7% (3.76 million individuals) in June. As the economic impact of the health crisis persists, BPI-Philam offers Filipinos a stable livelihood and an opportunity for career development to help jobseekers and their families recover eventually.

BPI-Philam opens hundreds of jobs for Filipinos amid pandemic
Urges them to explore new professional opportunities in the insurance industry

Most available positions are for Bancassurance Sales Executives, who are tasked to guide clients in determining their insurance needs. The company is looking to recruit those who have a genuine concern for people and an entrepreneurial mindset, while a background in sales is an advantage. Accepted applicants will be stationed in BPI branches or assigned to work from home as appropriate, receive competitive benefits, and qualify to incentives and recognition programs.

“Finding the right career is not easy and even more so in the middle of a pandemic. BPI-Philam understands the current plight of jobseekers and would like to invite them to explore opportunities in the insurance industry. It’s the kind of career that allows them to touch the lives of customers while at the same time securing their own, since the industry is built to remain stable amid disruptions,” said Surendra Menon, BPI-Philam Chief Executive Officer.

Exploring new professional opportunities
With its effect on the global economy and the uncertainties alongside it, the pandemic has made it difficult for some to explore and expand their horizons in terms of professional growth. As a company that protects individuals from the unpredictable, BPI-Philam encourages professionals to continue pushing forward and discovering new opportunities amid the current circumstances. This holds especially true for workers from industries like tourism and hospitality, which suffered the most when the pandemic hit.

With the resilience and stability of the insurance industry, there is always a great opportunity for long-term career growth. BPI-Philam has managed to quickly adapt to the changes by accelerating its digital transformation to become a more agile and efficient company. In fact, jobseekers can easily apply to BPI-Philam’s different job boards without leaving home with the assistance of its recruitment chatbot Mandy. This proves its commitment to its customers and employees.

At present, BPI-Philam is expanding its workforce to meet the increased demand for life and health protection among clients. To thrive in the insurance industry, the bancassurance leader advises jobseekers to develop a driven attitude and a results-focused mindset. Professionals who value perseverance and innovation would also fit well within its teams.

Insurance professionals generally enjoy competitive benefits including a steady paycheck, incentives package, recognition events, comprehensive medical and insurance benefits, and exciting trainings and employee engagement activities.

“The welfare of our workforce is a top priority at BPI-Philam. Alongside the professional experience that they gain, we ensure that they continue to enhance their skills and learn new ones, while still enjoying work-life balance. We have developed a diverse and dynamic yet high-performance culture that enables them to deliver excellent outcomes in our shared mission of making insurance accessible and affordable for every Filipino. We are looking forward to further expanding our teams and to have the most driven professionals join the company,” said Menon.

In addition to the competitive benefits, favored jobseekers will also get to be a part of a dedicated team of professionals who will help insure millions of Filipinos, enabling them to live healthier, longer, and better lives.

BPI-Philam is one of the fastest-growing life insurance companies in the country. It is recognized by the Insurance Commission as the country’s top bancassurance firm in terms of premium income in 2020, retaining the spot for the eighth consecutive year. To check out career opportunities, visit the BPI-Philam Careers page on Facebook or JobStreet.

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