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Decoding the DECODE

With the pressing issues on pandemic, restrictions are heavily imposed to curb the spread of the virus in the community. Movements are limited. People have come to flock the online platforms just so to meet the demands of work, studies, and even personal errands. There goes the presence of online service deliveries, e-payment, e-commerce, digital classrooms and games, and the list goes on.


At the time when digital engagements in the age of COVID-19 are the new norms, calls for cybersecurity become louder. So loud that even gigantic social media avenues have become unwilling victims to cyber threats. No matter how cautious they thought they were, these dangers are inevitable. The cyber world is downright unpredictable.

DECODE, a brainchild of Trend Micro, raises its banner high as one of the pillars of cyber security. For the past five years, this has been an institution among IT professionals to win the war against cybercrime. This November, digital natives will once again convene in pursuit of making the online space a safer haven to navigate and educate. So, why join DECODE? What are the takeaways of DECODE? Well, here are they are:

1. Cybersecurity Skills Unleashed

It takes a lot of trainings to develop abilities. For all you know, your talents aren’t built just in a day. Your expertise is honed through time, one training after the other. Your participation to DECODE might lead to the discovery of your hidden skills in cybersecurity. A wide array of topics are aptly themed to accommodate the essentials of the information highway, a long-winding road that people are now traversing.

2. Careers in Cybersecurity

If you got a family member who has a huge heart for IT, DECODE is one avenue to learn various career opportunities in cybersecurity. Notice that even TV series and documentaries have integrated cybersecurity as one of the theme trendsetters. CSI. NCIS. Arrow. These are some of shows that highlight interesting pathways and how privileged a person can be joining in such well-respected field.

3. Powerhouse Guests

Be inspired with resource speakers whose IT experiences gave birth to the realization of their ideals and aspirations. They may have toiled day and night, but these lecturers learned crucial life lessons which are eventually worth sharing.

4. Forge Robust Partnerships

No man is an island, so goes the old adage. People yearn for connection, interpersonal relationships as means of survival. DECODE is just in time to collaborate with people in the industry who have common goals towards building a cybercrime-free world. More than ever, these linkages are beneficial to the communities, to the grassroots level who are vulnerable to the perils of cyber threats.

5. Well, DECODE is free!

No explanations needed.

Be equipped with cybersecurity know-how to rise above a crisis, make informed decisions, and continue the fight against cyber threats. DECODE 2021 is slated on November 10-11.

To know more about this event and to secure your slot for free, visit https://decodeph.com


By Liez'l Marie Lamasan

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