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Epson Webinar Series Spotlights Innovative Print Solutions For Businesses

Epson Southeast Asia will host a live webinar series providing insight on innovative print solutions for businesses, showcasing contextualised ways to sustain creativity and future-proof industries in today’s evolving consumer landscape. Happening from 10th to 11th November 2021 at 11:00am to 5:00pm (GMT+8), the event titled “Innovating Prints For Your Business”, will feature various industry experts across Southeast Asia on how they offer value-added benefits via Epson’s products, incorporate market trends and share more on the solutions that have brought tangible advantages to their business. Alongside regional Epson product management teams, the webinar helps businesses and start-ups to better understand the myriad of applications available using Epson’s suite of products to increase enterprise productivity.

Epson Webinar Series

“Epson has always been committed to supporting our partner and customer ecosystem with the latest in large-format print solutions and cutting-edge precision technology, providing support and resources that streamline work processes and makes their jobs easier,” said Siew Jin Kiat, Regional Managing Director of Epson Singapore (SEA Headquarters). “As printing experts from various fields navigate the ever-changing market landscape and work to expand their businesses in today’s hybrid environment, these webinars will provide incisive tips and insights from our esteemed partners and knowledgeable product teams on the vast multitude of possible print applications, technical details, and how the latest technology can boost productivity, lower operating costs and expand portfolios.”

The webinar series allows customers to directly interact with Epson and industry experts with a live Q&A, in addition to collaborative product demonstrations that exhibit features key to accelerating productivity across industry verticals and its related applications. Catered to print, photo and textile enthusiasts eager to take their profession to the next level, the latest advancements in printing, applications and market trends will be a core focus for the series.

The first day of events will introduce Epson’s product line-up by category including water-based, solvent, sublimation transfer, printing solutions and its resultant deliverables, as well as a dedicated session focused on colour reproduction systems to optimise photo printing workflows. The second day of events will cover Epson’s leading signage solutions, direct-to-garment and dye-sublimation textile printers and industry case-studies that demonstrate tangible business benefits.

Epson as an established provider for large-format printers across textiles, photography and signage applications, is shaping the future of print innovation with its line-up of print solutions for small businesses to the enterprise. Experience the power of Epson’s large format printers and explore endless possibilities for innovation and boost overall enterprise productivity.

To register for the webinar, visit www.epson.com.ph/lfp-summit-2021

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