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Level Infinite’s Open-World MMO Chimeraland Invites Southeast Asia Players To Embrace Mythology

Level Infinite has officially launched Chimeraland, a massively multiplayer online game, in Southeast Asia for players in the Philippines, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand on PC, iOS and Android devices.

With over 500,000 pre-registrants, game opens its gates to more players in Southeast Asia

Inspired by the major source of Eastern mythology, Classic of Mountains and Seas, mythical figures, cultures, and ethnic peoples of the ancient world helped form the creative foundation for Chimeraland.

The vast open world features a 4,000-square kilometer sandbox spanning four continents, seas, and oceans that players can freely explore and experience endless possibilities. More than just an adventure game, Chimeraland also encourages players to lay down roots and build their own homes, while performing activities such as fishing, farming and trading for increased immersion.

Chimeraland is also a land of fascinating ancient creatures and beasts, which players can hunt, capture, and raise as pets of three types: Rides, Followers, and Companions. Players can further customize the appearance of their in-game pets by combining them in pairs, and use them as modes of transportation or companions in battle.

Additionally, players can enjoy the game together by teaming up to defeat enormous beasts and monsters using different weapons and strategies in both Player versus Environment (PvE) and Player versus Player (PvP) modes, providing players with different degrees of challenges to tackle solo or as a group.

The launch of Chimeraland comes a month after pre-registration was opened for the game in the Philippines, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, and Indonesia. With more than 500,000 registrants to date, the development team has rewarded early adopters with special gifts such as cowries, pet eggs and legendary pills ahead of the full launch. The team has also shared updates and engaged the community in discussions over game concepts and mechanics.

“There are many lucrative opportunities in Southeast Asia, especially when it comes to gaming, seeing as there are millions of mobile, PC, and console gamers in the region. With Chimeraland, we at Level Infinite hope to successfully enter the mobile and PC gaming landscape in Southeast Asia, cater to a large population of avid gamers, and become the top publisher of high-quality games in the region, and eventually, the rest of the world,” Phyllis Chen, Game Producer explained.

Chimeraland is also the first title under Tencent Games’ new publishing division, Level Infinite, which was launched in December 2021 to elevate its position as a global publisher and brand in the gaming space.

To find out more and download the game, players should visit here for more details.

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