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Konstruk Officially Launches as the First e-Hardware ng Bayan

Konstruk, a Philippine-based e-commerce and the first e-hardware ng bayan, recently launched its online platform—making online transactions for home improvement and construction supplies a seamless experience for both customers and merchants.

Konstruk Team
A group of people posing for a photo with balloons Description automatically generated with medium confidence Konstruk team celebrates the launch of its e-commerce platform dubbed as the first e-hardware ng bayan.

Konstruk was built on the realization that while many businesses have transitioned online, the construction sector has not been able to fully do so. Konstruk Founder and Chief Executive Officer Rommel Bulalacao said, “majority of the merchants from the construction sector, especially the MSMEs, are still brick-and-mortar stores or do not have sufficient capabilities to bring their business online.” He cites how his 30 years of experience in the construction field have led to this observation.

Moreover, the lockdown brought by the pandemic emphasized the importance of having an online presence. As the construction sector was not spared from the losses inflicted by the pandemic, small to medium businesses were among those who received the heaviest casualties, especially with the absence of an online platform. “There was no dedicated concept yet for the construction and home improvement sector using e-commerce,” Bulalacao said.

With this realization, Konstruk came to be with the goal to promote business continuity in the construction and home improvement sector. The digital marketing platform helps community hardware stores, wholesalers and distributors, and manufacturers of construction materials including home appliances and furniture become part of the online business ecosystem to promote new products and push their inventory through the platform.

Conversely, customers can now conveniently shop at Konstruk website and app and choose from a wide range of products. No need for long commuters, hours spent in traffic or having to worry about exposure when going shopping - everything you need can be done right at home. They are also assured that their transactions are reliable and safe as payment methods such as Metrobank payment gateway system and Gcash are available.

“Konstruk is committed to helping the industry build back better. As the first e-hardware ng bayan, we will continue to innovate and improve our service for the benefit of our partner merchants and customers,” Bulalacao said.

To know more about Konstruk or how to become a partner merchant, visit konstruk.ph.

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