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PUBG MOBILE drops first-ever Tagalog voice pack

PUBG MOBILE has enjoyed a large fan base from the Philippines since its launch in 2018. Through the years, talks of Filipino-themed voice packs and cosmetics coming to Tencent’s award-winning game circulated out of the rumor mill. Now it’s finally happening, the PUBG MOBILE Tagalog Voice Pack featuring Moymoy Palaboy’s Rodfil is here!

Rodfil of Moymoy Palaboy is the voice behind PUBG MOBILE’s first-ever Tagalog voice pack.

Moymoy Palaboy is composed of a pair of brothers, James Ronald and Rodfil Macasero, who entered the mainstream consciousness with lip-singing antics, singing prowess, and comedic content. One half of the duo, Rodfil, brings PUBG MOBILE’s first-ever Tagalog Voice Pack to life, adding an extra layer of life to player characters with his cadence in the Tagalog language.

"I am happy to be the very first Tagalog voice for PUBG MOBILE. It is an unforgettable experience, as a gamer, to hear your own voice and imagine thousands of Filipinos listening to it. This is a win for Filipino representation in mobile games,” Rodfil shared.

Being able to hear Rodfil shout Isa lang ang pwede magtagumpay. Tara! (There can only be one winner. Let's go!), May kalaban diyan! (Danger ahead!), or Bantayan mo ako! (Cover me!) within the game and not via the game’s fully integrated voice chat should be cathartic to many players who are mostly stuck at home and cannot hang out with their friends. Listen to Rodfil and feel like you are friends (in-game!)

PUBG MOBILE’s Tagalog Voice Pack, is now available in the latest 1.9 update.

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