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PUBG MOBILE launches campaigns empowering PH mobile gaming community

Rise and shine, soldiers! PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds MOBILE or PUBG MOBILE drops us to the Philippines with two new exciting missions: Community Champions and Ladies Tournament.

PUBG MOBILE Community Champions

PUBG MOBILE PH Community Champions

Gearing up to be a long-term campaign, PUBG MOBILE’s Community Champions aims to empower the Filipino communities both within and beyond Metro Manila by providing a stage to compete against each other and display their prowess and skills as a unit. Local communities, after all, are a significant part of PUBG MOBILE’s foundation.

“In PUBG MOBILE, fostering a community is pivotal. It is a space where we can build relationships with those not actively involved in the game. It also opens up new insights on what they are missing out on,” says Gef Ferrer, Community Manager, PUBG MOBILE Philippines.

PUBG MOBILE desires to recruit 98 individuals—representative of 98 key cities and provinces— through the Community Champions website. Named Player #1, they must possess leadership qualities to handle a community, organize, and run events. PUBG MOBILE will support these leaders with resources to operate and grow their community through tournaments, gatherings, and workshops within their assigned city or province.

Community Members will receive Unknown Cash (UC, the game currency in PUBG MOBILE), In-Game Items, or PUBG MOBILE merchandise for participation in activities organized by their respective Player #1s. In return, Player #1s will receive perks such as Activity Points to redeem notable community titles, borders, avatars, outfits, and gun skins; Monthly UC; Bonus UC based on performance; Advanced Room Cards, and unique Community Champions merchandise.

Player #1s also have their pride at stake with the Community Champions Tournament starting December. The event covers the 17 regions to determine the Philippines' #1 PUBG MOBILE Community.

“[Interested players] might have heard about PUBG MOBILE somewhere or read it on a website and felt the hype from their friends. Through Community Champions, they will learn from events and join a community that loves and enjoys playing the game.” Ferrer adds.

Ladies Tournament

PUBG MOBILE PH Ladies Tournament

In solidarity with the International Women’s Month celebration, PUBG MOBILE launches the Ladies Tournament to empower female gamers and #BreaktheBias in gaming. Patricia Ysabelle Griño, Marketing Manager, PUBG MOBILE Philippines, acknowledges that the number of female gamers in the country has been on the rise and that there is a need for spaces where they can game.

“A lot of us are motivated by the sense of achievement and success through gameplay competition. Developing such community initiatives gives our female gamers a spotlight and a stepping stone to showcase their competitive spirit. It empowers other young girls and encourages an inclusive community among gamers,” Griño says.

According to Google, mobile has become the most popular platform for female gamers, accounting for 35% of mobile games revenue. Battle royale ranks third in female gamers' favorite mobile genres.

Read the registration process and rules, and finally fill-up the form. The registration cap is set to 64 teams, with the minimum age requirement at 16 years old. Players ages 16 and 17 would need an accomplished parental/guardian consent form. The end of registration is on March 27th, 2022 5:00 PM GMT+8.

“[Ladies Tournament] is the start of the many campaigns that we plan to launch to empower women in esports,” Ferrer adds. “Through PUBG MOBILE, we encourage women to take a stand and to show that they have what it takes to go up against anyone.”

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