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Kingston officially opens the world's first Kingston FURY Gaming Lab

In an online event held earlier today, Kingston FURY, a division of Kingston Technology, officially opened the world’s first Kingston FURY Gaming Lab at its APAC office in Hsinchu Science Park, Taiwan. The new Gaming Lab demonstrates Kingston’s commitment in creating a comprehensive gaming ecosystem. It also integrates Kingston's compelling gaming solutions and technology by bringing visitors an immersive experience that links Kingston FURY’s memory and storage solutions with real-life applications.

Kingston FURY Gaming Lab

“Our business and marketing strategies heavily emphasize the feedback from our customers, so we seek to bring the latest and most exhilarating gaming experience to the table,” Kevin Wu, Sales/Marketing and Business Development Vice President of APAC region stated, “Here at the gaming lab, we look forward to gamers, overclockers and partners participating in the fine-tuning and optimization of Kingston FURY products to help us emphasize the evolving needs of our customers.”

Designed to personify Kingston FURY’s rebellious energy, the Gaming Lab is decorated with the brand’s signature colors, fiery red and jet black with signature heat spreader patterns throughout. The entire setup is adorned with LEDs that resemble the vibrant RGB lighting effects of the Kingston FURY range enjoyed by gamers across the world.

Integrated Gaming Experience at the First Kingston FURY Gaming Lab
Integrated Gaming Experience at the First Kingston FURY Gaming Lab

The Gaming Lab space included three zones:

Zone A

A DRAM-shaped pillar where visitors participate in an interactive game to understand the type of gamers they are with product solutions recommended to best fit their needs.

Zone B

Kingston invited the world’s top PC modders to customize three PC builds: FURY Racing Spacecraft, Memory Nexus and FURY Jet Pack. These mods embody the brand’s rebellious spirit and innovative image. Targeted at empowering gamers to achieve more on the battlefields, the three PCs and one laptop displayed in Zone B are equipped with different Kingston FURY products, including DDR5 memory, Renegade PCIe 4.0 SSD and the latest Impact DDR5 SODIMMs for laptops and small form factor machines, covering the needs of mainstream and extreme gamers.

Kingston FURY spacecraft
Kingston FURY spacecraft

This gaming rig is inspired by the classic spaceship designs from video games and sci-fi movies, while incorporating the Cyberpunk style with a binocular structure. With its extreme speed, Kingston FURY Renegade memory serves as the driving engine for the spacecraft as it navigates through the stars and moons. The Kingston FURY spacecraft, set on a hangar-shaped base with the motherboard and CPU, is ready to take off, leading gamers to conquer their intergalactic escapade.

Kingston FURY jetpack
Kingston FURY jetpack

Every second counts when you’re in-game. This PC build takes up a jet pack design in first-person shooting games, with the Kingston FURY Renegade memory placed in the middle as a core drive, and an open frame and matching turbines on the two sides as steel wings. With its high frame rate, the Kingston FURY jetpack brings falcon-like vision accuracy and lightning-fast response rate, breaking through all limits and challenges.

Kingston Memory Nexus
Kingston Memory Nexus

The Kingston Memory Nexus is based on the structure of a nexus, often seen in games as a home base related to the primary objective of the game, or the location to regenerate health. The Kingston FURY Beast memory placed in the middle with RGB lighting provide a sense of flowing energy, boosting players to reach their ultimate performance.

Zone C

This zone takes a deeper look into Kingston’s engineering process and its strategic alliance with industry partners that ensure seamless platform compatibility and performance.

In addition to lab space, Kingston FURY also previewed its brand new RGB lighting effects for DDR5 memory, showcasing 16 presets including countdown, fireworks, flames and rhythm special effects controlled by the intuitive Kingston FURY CTRL software. Users can personalize the colors and speeds of the lighting schemes to match their gaming aesthetics. The Kingston FURY Beast DDR5 RGB memory will be available in the second quarter of this year.

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