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EasyCall releases Full Year 2021 and First Quarter 2022 Financial Results

EasyCall Communications Philippines has boosted its efforts to bring reliable and efficient digital solutions to customers through its data technology services and product offerings.

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In 2019, the former paging powerhouse announced that it would steer towards transforming into a data technology company, focusing on a suite of services that would address some of the most urgent needs in the local market. Namely, data connectivity through satellite technology, cloud-based data services, data analytics, and visualization services, and cybersecurity.

Since then, it has ramped up its efforts with new connectivity installations across the Philippines through its VSAT service and has expanded its expertise in cloud-based services, analytics and cybersecurity.

In 2021, ECP reported a consolidated service revenue amounting to Php86.78 million, which is 6.77% higher than the previous year.

ECP also reported a consolidated net income after tax of Php18.18 million for the year, as compared to the prior year of Php5.42 million. The increase in net income of 235.23% was primarily due to the Company’s share in equity in net earnings of associates of positive Php15.19 million versus the equity in net earnings of associates of Php1.77 million for the previous year.

Continuous effort to grow the country’s digital landscape

As part of ECP’s efforts to accelerate long-term digital transformation capabilities and initiatives, in December 2021, the Company sought and received unanimous board approval to acquire 100% of Transnational E-Business Solutions Inc. (TESI). The acquisition was subsequently completed in January 2022.

TESI is an innovative IT company that focuses on transforming businesses through customizable solutions through low-code agile development tools and technology platforms. Over the years, TESI has expanded its service offerings from the web and mobile enablement solutions to include the Thread HR and payroll management Software as a Service platform, and IT outsourcing. TESI is a leading Outsystems partner in the Philippines and is the exclusive OutSystems Global Training Partner in the country.

The acquisition represents a stronger bid for EasyCall to expand its reach in the country’s growing digital landscape and has elevated ECP’s consolidated financial performance for the first quarter of 2022.

For the first quarter 2022, ECP reported a consolidated service income of Php132.05 million, which is 486% higher than that of the same period last year, which was in the amount of 22.53 million.

Furthermore, for the three months ending March 31, 2022, ECP reported a consolidated net income after tax of Php8.62 million for the period, as compared to a net income for the same period last year of 3.54 million, an increase in net income of 143%.

“With TESI now part of the EasyCall Group of Companies, we are optimistic that we can further our vision to help companies unlock value through technology,” says EasyCall president Zaki Delgado. “When we were all facing lockdowns and restrictions that encouraged us all to work and study from home, it became more apparent that there is an urgent need to ramp up digitalization efforts. To have TESI be a part of EasyCall Group is in line with our dream to elevate the digital capabilities of companies, and to empower professionals through utilizing reliable and innovative technology solutions.”

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