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Top Filipino directors share tips on how to shoot a short film with the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra

Samsung broke the rules of traditional filmmaking with the powerful innovations of the Galaxy S22 Ultra. The smartphone proved that it is now possible to create short films with a device that can fit in one’s hand. Besides its pro-grade camera, the Galaxy S22 Ultra can shoot in the dark without sacrificing quality with Nightography.

Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra

Nightography is designed to capture more light, more motion, and more details even in low light conditions. With the biggest sensor yet in Galaxy smartphones, the Galaxy S22 Ultra can capture the clearest, brightest, and most vivid content any time of the day.

Five of the Philippines’ top directors share their tips on mobile filmmaking and how the Galaxy S22 Ultra can elevate it with its epic features:

Maximize the settings of the smartphone

“We set out to do an adventurous sci-fi genre film, something you would typically see done by film studios using professional movie cameras. We were able to do it through our passion for creating and with the Galaxy S22 Ultra,” says Mikhail Red.

The director uses the Pro video mode of Samsung’s smartphone, which puts the control in the filmmaker’s hands so they can adjust the footage to their liking. Red advises shooting at UHD 24 fps to get a cinematic look. He adds that being mindful of the light is important, saying, “always be aware of your ISO setting and adjust accordingly. I would stay at around ISO 320 or 400 at night.”

He recommends using the Galaxy S22 Ultra for shooting short films. Red says, “we were shooting on the fly and adjusting camera angles and shots quickly, allowing us to shoot an entire short film in just one night.”

Try different lenses

The Galaxy S22 Ultra has Samsung’s most advanced pro-grade camera yet, with a series of lenses that allows for experimentation.

According to Tristan Cua, “I love how the Galaxy S22 Ultra allows us to use all lenses when filming in 4K. That is hard to find on any smartphone. There's no need for us to use third-party external lenses anymore. Try playing around with the Wide, Ultra-wide, and Telephoto lenses to give you a variety of shots and different emotions to your film.”

Be aware of the time

The different times of day give their own unique light, and it’s important for filmmakers to be aware of the nuances so they can take advantage of them.

“Time is crucial in telling stories. It directs our narrative and sets the tone and mood of that scene. Nighttime shooting is more challenging as it requires replicating the different lights and drama the darkness gives,” Noel Escondo says.

Escondo uses the Galaxy S22 Ultra’s Nightography, which captures more light, motion, and details, even in dark environments. The director shares, “the smartphone made it easier for us to capture night scenes with minimal to no artificial lighting. Translating the message of a film through the Galaxy S22 Ultra is easier.”

Sketch thoughts

When words fail, sometimes sketching a thought is much easier. This is a trick that Samantha Lee uses to convey what she wants to do in a scene. The Galaxy S22 Ultra is the first in the Galaxy S Series to have a built-in S Pen, allowing filmmakers to write, sketch, and control their smartphones.

She reveals, “I love having this pen around because as a director, I love sketching out my thoughts. I can just use the pen to show my team what I have in mind.”

When describing the Galaxy S22 Ultra, Lee says, “the Galaxy S22 Ultra comes with the most advanced pro-grade features. I have an entire pro-tool kit in the palm of my hands.”

Focus on the story

The powerful pro-grade features of the Galaxy S22 Ultra give the filmmaker more time on the story. According to Pepe Diokno, “everything is just so easy and seamless with the Galaxy S22 Ultra, so don't worry about technicals. Focus on your story and your actors or subjects, and immerse yourselves in the moment.”

The director praised the smartphone, saying, “everything about the Galaxy S22 Ultra is top-notch, from the lenses to the sensor, and everything in between. I love that I can go from an ultra-wide to a normal shot to an extreme close-up with a press of a button. You will find that shooting with the Galaxy S22 Ultra gives you the freedom to be more creative.”

A celebration of mobile filmmaking

These five directors showcased their work at the first-ever Untold Stories at Night, a festival that screened short films shot using the Galaxy S22 Ultra. The four films ranged from romance to science fiction and featured the directors’ creativity and Samsung’s latest mobile technology.

Diokno premiered Siargao: Day and Night, which highlights the island’s resiliency and triumphs after Typhoon Odette, especially its nightlife. The director’s first feature film Engkwentro won the Lion of the Future – “Luigi de Laurentiis” Award and the Orizzonti Prize at the 2009 Venice Film Festival.

Red’s Lumina follows the titular character, a young girl who goes to another galaxy when she is pursued by darkness. Red is the director behind Birdshot, the country’s entry to the Academy Awards and the first Filipino film to be internationally distributed on Netflix. His film Dead Kids is the first Filipino Netflix Original.

In it was a love story (after all), Lee tells the story of star-crossed lovers who get a second chance at love under mysterious circumstances. The director is an advocate for better representation of women and the LGBTQ+ community in local media. Her films Baka Bukas and Billie and Emma have found success around the globe. Lee’s first series, Sleep with Me, starring Lovi Poe and Janine Gutierrez, is set to premiere internationally this July.

Escondo and Cua of Mobile Filmmaking Philippines directed Sinag, which follows Rafael, who dreams of performing in his town’s only bar. He decides to defy all rules and performs against all odds.

All four films are available for viewing on the Samsung website at www.samsung.com/ph/smartphones/galaxy-s22-ultra/untold-stories-at-night.

The Galaxy S22 Ultra is available on Samsung.com, Samsung Experience Stores and Authorized Stores, Lazada, Shopee, Abenson.com, MemoXpress Online, and telco partners.

Customers can choose between the following variants: Php68,990 SRP (128GB), Php72,990 SRP (256 GB), or the Php80,990 SRP (512 GB). The smartphone comes in Burgundy, Phantom Black, Phantom White, and Green.

Create mobile filmmaking magic with the Galaxy S22 Ultra at samsung.com/ph.

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