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One click away: PLDT rolls out faster, easier way to report customer concerns online

PLDT Inc. customers now have a faster and easier way to request for support or to report service issues with the improved PLDT Home Support Page (www.pldthome.com/support). With this new digital solution, customers no longer need to call the hotline, queue in physical stores, or wait for a response on social media.


With just a few clicks, customers can easily inquire about their bills, request for aftersales support, file complaints, or report service issues through this easy-to-understand feature of PLDT Home’s Support website. Customers also receive a confirmation email and regular status updates with guaranteed faster resolution.

“Through this new self-service channel, we hope to provide our customers with faster, easier, and more convenient ways to get help for their concerns without having to call the hotline or wait in line in our physical stores. This is part of our commitment to elevate the quality of service that we deliver to our customers through technology and innovation. This is an assurance to our customers that we are here to help,” said Jeanine Rubin, FVP and Head, Customer Experience Group at PLDT.

PLDT Home customers using this feature is as easy as 1,2,3:

  1. Go to pldthome.com/support
  2. Choose a service (Track Status, Pay Bill, Clarify Bill Charges, Make an Aftersales Request, Report a Contractor, Report a Service Issue)
  3. Follow the instructions and done!

For more information, visit pldthome.com/support.

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