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SIM Registration Process in the Philippines—Comparison between Smart and Globe

Last December 27, the National Telecommunications Commission (NTC) publicly announced the start of the registration for new and existing SIM cards.

According to the Implementing Rules and Regulations (Memorandum Circular No. 001-12-2022) of the Subscriber Identity Module (SIM) Registration Act (Republic Act No. 11934), all SIM owners are required to register their SIM for them to use it for mobile internet, call and text. All SIMs, including those in card and electronic form used for mobile phones, prepaid WiFi kits, or other devices, must be registered. Failure to do so, customers may not be able to use such SIM since it will not be activated.

Smart SIM Registration Portal

The law is enacted to protect consumers from illegal activities specifically scams, smishing, and other types of online and mobile phone frauds. These may have proliferated since criminals were able to use prepaid SIMs without revealing their personal information. Being unregistered, these SIMs became tools used to conceal their identities in which offenders are not afraid of getting caught.

In compliance with the SIM Registration Law, all mobile services providers have launched their online SIM Registration portal to facilitate a smooth registration process for both existing and new subscribers.

Since I am using both Globe and Smart sim cards, I will share with you my experience with the SIM Registration process of both telcos based on the IRR of the law.


First here are the links for the SIM registration portal for each telco:

Both Smart and Globe telcos use three easy steps to register your prepaid SIM. To start with the registration process, both portals will ask for your 10-digit mobile number and if eligible to register, you’ll receive a One Time Pin (OTP) text message on your mobile phone.

Smart and Globe SIM registration portal

After your OTP is validated, you may now proceed to fill out your information profile. Just enter all required fields such as Full Name, Date of Birth, Sex, Complete Address, and Nationality. Then take a selfie and select the type of valid government ID to be uploaded.

Smart and Globe SIM Registration - Input your Information

Don't forget to save your Control/Reference Number, you may need it once the telco further validates your application, and kindly wait for SMS confirmation.

Smart and Globe SIM Registration Confirmation

What’s good about registering your Smart SIM is you get 3GB FREE Data. Aside from the freebie, Smart’s SIM registration portal uses optical character recognition (OCR), which automatically detects your name, birthday, sex, and ID number. Thus, reducing the time spent on encoding your information. This innovation was made to efficiently gather subscribers’ personal information throughout the process, but also ensures data privacy protection.

Smart SIM Registration OCR Technology

Smart is also making its SIM Registration portal even more accessible to subscribers through these alternative channels:

  • Smart Stores nationwide
  • Smart Hotlines (call *888 via Smart/TNT mobile, or 8888-1111 via landline)
  • Smart Facebook Messenger Chatbot
  • Smart GigaLife App (downloadable on the App Store and Google Play Store)

Globe also announced that registering via their GlobeOne app will start this month and by February 2023, Globe will also put up assisted registration sites for senior citizens, persons with disabilities, pregnant women, and users of feature phones.


On the other hand, Smart is making SIM Registration more convenient for postpaid subscribers, who simply need to confirm their personal information and IDs already submitted for their postpaid plan application. To initiate this confirmation, subscribers just need to text YES to 5858. Subscribers shall then receive a message from Smart, confirming the successful SIM Registration.

Smart Postpaid SIM Registration

As to Globe's existing postpaid subscribers, Globe shall get in touch on how to confirm and complete your registration details.

If you’re unable to register your SIM before the deadline, the SIM will be deactivated permanently. When your SIM is deactivated, you’ll no longer be able to use your text, call, data, and other mobile services. All load and current promo registrations will also be forfeited.

SIM Registration Deadline
Image Source: Department of Information and Communications Technology - DICT (Facebook)

The Department of Information and Communications Technology (DICT) may extend the registration period for 120 days, though this has yet to be confirmed.

So, what are you waiting for? Register your SIM now and share your experience with us.

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