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PNP, GCash crack down on spoofing scam, warns public about scammers

With online scams becoming more and more sophisticated by the minute, GCash and the Philippine National Police  Anti-Cybercrime Group (PNP-ACG) are taking this issue seriously.

Spoofing scam

The newest on the block is called “spoofing scam.”  Spoofing scam is a scam where perpetrators use illegal software to make their text scams look like they came from legitimate sources like banks, e-commerce companies, and other big, trusted companies. Since they appear ‘legit,’ unsuspecting targets may fall victim and unknowingly click the link and leak sensitive personal and financial information to fraudsters.

To prevent this from happening to its customers, GCash, the Philippines’ number 1 fintech app, warns its users that all of their Send Money Confirmations are now sent to the GCash App inbox. They also remind the public that if any individual messages them that they have mistakenly sent money to their GCash account and are asking to send it back, they should be vigilant and check their transaction history first to know if this is correct or a ploy to steal from them.

GCash is also in close communication with the PNP-ACG on how they can better serve their customers in cases where they get scammed. For individuals who believe that a fraudulent transaction has occurred in their accounts, they are encouraged to contact the GCash customer care hotline at 2882 or send a ticket to their GCash Help Center at help.gcash.com or message Gigi on the website and type “I want to report a scam.”

Learn more about how to protect yourself and your family and don’t hesitate to contact the PNP Anti-Cybercrime Group if you need help. Contact them at hotline (02) 8414-1560, 09985988116 or via email at acg@pnp.gov.ph.

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