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Smart, Efficient, and Stylish—Samsung Launches Bespoke Top-Mounted Refrigerator to Reinvent and Refresh Your Kitchen

Refrigerators are among the most important appliances in any kitchen. It keeps perishable food cold, which slows bacterial growth and helps them stay fresh for longer. They also give kitchens a more organized space to store food, drinks, and cooking ingredients since they come with organizing solutions such as egg cases, dairy compartments, and various shelves and drawers.

2023 Samsung Bespoke Top Mount Fridge

Since refrigerators play a key role in the household, many have created well-designed and aesthetically-pleasing appliances that are also focal points in the kitchen.

Samsung launches the new Bespoke Top Mount Fridge for discerning homemakers with exquisite taste. The premium luxury refrigerator features an elegant design with a full range of Bespoke color and texture options, which give each kitchen a unique and stylish upgrade. Moreover, it is equipped with the latest freshness technologies that make storing food convenient, efficient, and flexible.

Truly, the Samsung Bespoke Top Mount Fridge is an all-around refrigerator that can benefit you and your home. Here are some reasons this stylish fridge is your next essential item in your kitchen:

Store all essentials

A refrigerator’s primary function is to store food and the Samsung Bespoke Top Mount Fridge delivers. It can store 20 liters more than previous models with no added exterior bulk, thanks to Samsung’s innovative SpaceMax technology. This uses high urethane insulation for thinner walls, resulting in more drawer and shelf space for food and items of all shapes and sizes.

Keep food fresh for longer

Food remains crisp and flavorful as the Samsung Bespoke Top Mount Fridge keeps them fresh for up to twice as long as standard cooling. All-Around Cooling blows cold air through multiple vents across all shelves, so the fridge has a consistent temperature from corner to corner.

Homemakers can also customize the mode of refrigeration with four unique temperature options. Fridge preserves fresh foods and frequently used daily items, while Meat & Fish keeps proteins fresh for up to seven days. Soft Freeze prolongs storage time with no defrosting required, and Power Cool chills items quickly.

Conserve energy

The Samsung Bespoke Top Mount Fridge elevates the kitchen but it lowers electricity bills with its energy-saving features. Its Digital Inverter Compressor intelligently adjusts power and running speed according to the immediate requirement. This makes it 40% more energy efficient than conventional compressors. A 20-year warranty promises savings when a checkup or repair is needed.

Families can control their fridges even when they’re away with the SmartThings app. It keeps track of usage patterns and power consumption and analyzes data to provide important insights. If an estimated monthly electricity bill exceeds preset targets, the app alerts homemakers to switch to AI Energy Mode to reduce energy use by up to 7%.

Elevate home interiors

A primary feature of Samsung’s premium fridge is its bespoke design. Homemakers can choose from a wide variety of colors and finishes to suit their kitchen’s aesthetics. Glass textures in Clean Black, Clean Navy, Clean Pink and Clean White give a sleek, refined, and modern look. Cotta textures in Charcoal and White offer warmth through its matte finish.

Its design philosophy of style and function extends to its body. The Samsung Bespoke Top Mount Fridge has a clean and modern flat door with a streamlined recessed handle that doesn’t get in the way when the refrigerator is opened.

Check out the Bespoke Top Mount Fridge at the nearest Samsung store or partner dealers nationwide. For more information, please visit samsung.com/ph.

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