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realme Buds Air 5 Unboxing and Review

Last August, realme launched two new models of the realme 11 Pro Series 5G. To complement the launch of these two smartphones, realme proceeded with its latest AIOT offering - the realme Buds Air 5.

realme Buds Air 5

This newest in-ear wireless audio allows users to embrace the silence and elevate the sound, with its 50dB active noise cancellation, 12.4mm audio driver, 45ms low latency technology, and 38 hours of battery life.

Today, I was fortunate enough to unbox and get a hands-on experience with this device. I want to share my unboxing experience with you, as well as my thoughts and observations about the device. Let's start with the unboxing process, shall we?

Unboxing the realme Buds Air 5

The packaging of the realme Buds Air 5 comes in realme’s signature colored box. The front portion indicates the Buds Air 5; while the backside contains the model number, color, customer care details, and other important information.

realme Buds Air 5 Retail Box

Additionally, you'll find the realme branding and six key features of the Buds Air 5 printed on both sides of the box.

Inside the Box and Accessories

After opening the box and sliding its contents, you will see the realme Buds Air 5 charging case protected by a matte plastic lining.

realme Buds Air 5 Unboxing

Inside the box also revealed the earbud tips in two sizes (S and L with M-size tips already installed by default on the earbuds), a user guide with warranty card, and a short Type-C charging cable for charging the case.

realme Buds Air 5 What's in the Box

Design and Walk Around

For the design, the realme Buds Air 5 adopts the compact and pebble-like design of the realme Buds T100. The Buds Air 5 is available in two colors - Deep Sea Blue and Arctic White. Mine was in the latter color.

realme Buds Air 5 Design

Aside from the design, the charging case of Buds Air 5 weighs 45.5 grams, which includes both earbuds. The front of the case has an LED notification, while the back has a hinge that opens at 105° and snaps in place when closed, thanks to magnets.

realme Buds Air 5 Hinge

The USB Type-C port and function key are located at the bottom of the case.

realme Buds Air 5 Charging Port and Function Button

The earbuds and the left/right charging contact pins are found inside the charging case.

realme Buds Air 5 Interior

The earbuds have a glossy finish with curved interiors and exteriors. The touch control area, tuning hole, and L/R indicator, are located at the top of each earbud; while the charging contact pins and microphones can be seen at the bottom.

realme Buds Air 5 Earbuds

Pairing and realme Link app

The realme Buds Air 5 is compatible with the latest Bluetooth 5.3 connection and can be paired using the usual Bluetooth pairing or by downloading the realme Link app.

To enter pairing mode, press and hold the function key at the bottom of the charging case for 3 seconds. If you encounter faulty pairing or when one of the earbuds is not working, put the earbuds back into the charging case, open the lid, and press and hold the function key for 10 seconds until the indicator light flashes alternately white and green. The earbuds will return to its factory settings.

With the realme Link app, you can check the device's connection status, monitor the battery levels of each earbud, change the noise control (Noise Cancellation and Transparency), adjust the sound effects, and customize the touch controls on the left and right earbuds. You can also use the Volume Enhancer to increase the volume and Game Mode for low latency when gaming.

realme Buds Air 5 - realme Link App

The touch control area of the earbuds supports a variety of controls. Double-tap to answer or end a call, pause or play music. Triple-tap to skip to the next track. Press and hold for 2 seconds on one earbud to switch noise control modes or decline an incoming call.

Audio Quality, Comfort, and Other Features

In terms of audio quality, the earbuds perform well considering its price. The bass is noticeable, the vocals are clear, and you can adjust the volume to your liking.

realme Buds Air 5 Comfort

Additionally, the earbuds are designed to be lightweight, with each earbud weighing 4.4 grams. They are also engineered to provide a comfortable fit for different ear sizes, even during extended use. It securely fits on my ear and does not fall off even if I tried shaking my head.

Noise Cancellation and Other Features

The realme Buds Air 5 boasts an Active Noise Cancellation (ANC). With ANC enabled, Buds Air 5 utilizes dual-mic noise cancellation using the two embedded microphones (feedback microphone + feedforward microphone) in order to detect unwanted external sounds and any excess noise in the ears, then send out opposite sound waves to cancel which can be up to 50dB.

realme Buds Air 5 Portability

For an enhanced gaming experience, Buds Air 5 features a Game Mode with super low latency of 45ms (compared to the previous version's 88ms). This mode can be easily activated to ensure the audio syncs perfectly with the video or game being played.

The earbuds also have a 12.4mm driver with a titanium coating, which improves the audio quality and longevity of the device. Additionally, the Buds Air 5 has an IPX5 level of liquid resistance, which makes it resistant to splashes of sweat, water, and other light liquid substances.

Battery Life and Charging

Realme claims that the Buds Air 5 can provide up to 38 hours of usage when both earbuds and the charging case are fully charged. Each earbud has a 43mAh battery that lasts for up to 4.5 hours with ANC on and the volume at 50%. When the ANC is turned off, the earbuds can last for up to 7 hours with the volume at 50%. When combined with the charging case, the total battery life of the device can be up to 22 hours at 50% volume and with ANC on. If the ANC is turned off, the device can last up to 38 hours.

realme Buds Air 5 Battery

The Buds Air 5 also supports fast charging, whereby a 10-minute charge can provide up to 7 hours of total playback time with the volume at 50% and ANC turned off. It takes 1 hour to fully charge both earbuds in the charging case, and 2 hours to fully charge the case with earbuds inside.

realme Buds Air 5 Specifications

  • Driver Size/Type: 12.4mm Dynamic Bass Driver
  • Battery Capacity: 43mAh per earbud/ 460mAh for the charging case
  • Charging time: 2 Hours
  • Charging port: USB-C
  • Microphone: 3 per Eabud
  • Bluetooth connection: Bluetooth 5.3
  • Maximum Bluetooth range: 10 Meters
  • Water resistance: IPX5
  • Colors: Deep Sea Blue and Arctic White

Price and Availability

The realme Buds Air 5 is priced at Php3,499 SRP and can be purchased at any realme store nationwide, as well as at realme Lazada and Shopee Flagship Stores.


The realme Buds Air 5 sets a new benchmark for True Wireless Stereo (TWS) earbuds with its balanced audio quality, aesthetic design, Active Noise Cancellation, and long battery life. If you're looking for TWS earbuds within this price range, I highly recommend this one.

realme Buds Air 5 Verdict

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