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Leading the Digital Transformation Journey with PLDT, Smart, and Amdocs

PLDT Enterprise, the B2B arm of the country’s largest telecommunications and digital solutions provider, PLDT, continues to play a pivotal role in enabling businesses to harness the potential of next-generation technologies, a vision shared by leading software & services provider to communications & media companies, Amdocs.

Jojo Gendrano and Ragu Masilamany
Jojo Gendrano, PLDT and Smart Senior Vice President and Head of Enterprise Business Group, interviews Ragu Masilamany, Amdocs General Manager and Global Head of Solution Engineering, during PH Digicon 2023, VISION: Reimagine Tomorrow’s Enterprise about powering businesses with the latest innovations and technologies as industries now enter the 5G era.

Evolving and Innovating During the Industry’s Digital Revolution

In an era where technological innovation surges forward at an unprecedented rate, the need for agile and impactful digital transformations in the communications sector has never been more crucial. At the forefront of this evolution stands Amdocs, a company with over 40 years of unmatched industry expertise, serving as a beacon for the world's leading communications and media companies.

Ragu Masilamany
Ragu Masilamany, Amdocs General Manager and Global Head of Solution Engineering, discussing their mission to be the trusted partner to the world’s leading communications and media companies by enabling them to enhance services for their customers.

Ragu Masilamany, General Manager and Global Head of Solution Engineering at Amdocs, highlighted the pivotal role of advanced technologies in shaping the future, discussing their expertise and global reach to accelerate the industry’s journey to the cloud and improve business operations, driving innovative next-generation digital experiences for the end user.

“We enable them to do three things: one, we help them to do business with their customers much more seamlessly, and digitally. We digitalize the business process for the telcos to work with their customers, whether they are selling, supporting, collecting the money, and more importantly, growing the business, for our and their customers. [For this], we put four things: digitalization, cloud, AI, and the people, all together,” explained Masilamany about the main value that Amdocs provides its customers.

Jojo Gendrano, PLDT and Smart Senior Vice President and Head of Enterprise Business Group, said, “We are one in our vision to digitally connect and empower Filipinos all around the Philippines, making the digitalization of our country a reality [and] creating a brighter future for the nation. By leveraging Amdocs’ technology modernization and AI capabilities, companies all around the world are able to reinforce their commitment to enhancing and empowering the digital lifestyles of their customers.”

Leading the Technological Charge in the Philippines

Amdocs is not just a participant but a trailblazer, driving the industry towards a future where digital experiences resonate deeply and meaningfully with end-users. Their strategy revolves around unlocking the visionary potential of their partners, thereby transforming ambitious ideas into tangible realities. This transformation is not just about keeping pace with technology; it's about leading the charge.

Sharing his transformative vision in line with this, Masilamany emphasized the cutting-edge strides to enhance digital adoption and the future of technology, even touching on Artificial Intelligence or AI in enabling the visions for industries.

“Generative AI has made AI more consumable and more humanized. Our vision for generative AI is to bridge the gap between digital adoption from 30% to 80-90% very quickly. And this is by making it more personalized,” said Masilamany.

In conclusion, the era of innovation and digitalization and beyond is not just about new technologies; it's about the experiences these technologies enable. With Amdocs and companies like PLDT and Smart leading the charge, industries are not just adapting to this new era; they are redefining this shared vision further, together.

PH Digicon 2023: VISION is powered by Amdocs, Cisco, Huawei Technologies Phils. Inc., Nokia, Google Cloud, Samsung, ZTE Corporation, Avolution Inc., Fortinet, Soprano Design, CSG, Dell Technologies Philippines, Ericsson Telecommunications, Inc., and Maya Philippines, Inc.

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