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Iris is a Siri Clone for Android

As Apple has sold 4 million units of the iPhone 4S in just the opening weekend alone, Siri was lauded as one of the iPhone 4S main selling points.

And developers from Dexetral.com have built Iris a Siri clone for Android in a matter of eight hours at a hackathon. You can ask anything without the need to memorize commands or keywords, and it will reply with content sourced from reputable websites. However, Siri trumps these speech recognition technologies with better natural-language understanding capabilities.

In an earlier interview with TechCrunch, Iris’ creators have expressed their exitement over the app.
When we started seeing results, everyone got excited and started a high speed coding race. In no time, we added Voice input, Text-to-speech, also a lot of hueristic humor into Iris. Not until late evening we decided on the name “iris”, which would be Siri in reverse. And we also reverse engineered a crazy expansion – Intelligent Rival Imitator of Siri. We were still in the fun mode, but when we started using it the results were actually good, really good.
Here are some screenshots and a video of Iris which you can view, but if you want an early alpha version it is available for download at source below.

If have something to say if Iris will be a serious competitor to Siri you can give us a comment below.

Source: TFTS, Android Market

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