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NVIDIA Tegra 3 official teaser video leaked on YouTube

As the world has been waiting to the arrival of the next mobile offering the Tegra 3 (Kal-El) a quad-core chipset by NVIDIA. A short teaser video has been leaked by AndroidCentral which you can view below.

It was rumoured that the chipset would have a fifth core, saving battery power by taking care of some functions, freeing up the four main cores to carry the heavy loads. The Asus Transformer 2 tablet might contains the new Tegra 3 chipset and shows a November 7th launch date for the device

It seems like it was just yesterday that dual-core handsets were being released and now we are on the quad-core of the future.

Update: Asus recently unveils their new tablet at AsiaD and called it Transformer Prime not Transformer 2, you can view the post here.

Source: AndroidCentral, YouTube

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