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ARM unveils the Mali-T658 GPU: 8-Core Mobile Graphics Processor for 2013

Chip company ARM has announced today its latest graphics processor called Mali-T658 GPU, which promises 10x the performance of Mali-400 in the first Exynos.

The Mali-T658 GPU also delivers desktop-class performance, by doubling the number of GPU cores, doubling the number of arithmetic pipelines within each core and improving the compiler and pipeline efficiency. It is also specifically developed to work with the upcoming Cortex-A15 and Cortex-A7 families.

Samsung, Fujitsu and LG are one of the few companies who have already signed up for the Mali-T658 GPU. For the second version of Exynos Samsung promises up to 5x the graphics performance of the first edition.

ARM Mali-T658 GPU Specifications:

ARM Mali-T658 GPU Promo Video:

ARM Cortex-A15 products with Mali-T658 will be released on 2013.

Source: PhoneArena, ARM, YouTube

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