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Is YugaTech Philippines been hacked? -- Updated

Has anyone visited YugaTech lately?

This afternoon as I visited YugaTech website I notice that every time I opened the site I was redirected to this site url which is unusual in opening a website which has a good reputation for so long.

By the way I use WOT (Web of Trust) to hide what the redirected site looks like.

And does anyone encountered this problem? If you have comments, suggestions or explanations on what is the reason YugaTech site is redirected just give us a comment below.

Update: As of November 2, YugaTech site is now working properly and the redirecting of the site to another site not associated with YugaTech is now gone.


  1. Sir Yuga tweeted that the cause might be a SQL injection to his site..

  2. i like your news altaugh i not a fact in the news because that mean many cyber crime in the world, thanks

  3. I reported it to Yuga when I was redirected to that website.


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