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Dead Space and Modern Combat 2: Black Pegasus is given away for free on Samsung App store

The Samsung App store has given away today two of the greatest games on Android for free. The first free game is EA's survival horror game Dead Space, that was recently released and sold on Android Market for $6.99 and the second one is Gameloft's war-based shooter Modern Combat 2: Black Pegasus, which is currently being sold at a discount for $0.99 at the Android Market.

If you own a Samsung Android smartphone, just go to the Samsung App store on your phone to see if the games are available for free in your region.

Dead Space

Modern Combat 2: Black Pegasus

Source: GSM Arena, YouTube (1),(2)


  1. nice info here ...... i like it.....

  2. ahh thanks for info :D


  3.  Wow...My favorite games..Modern Combat 2: Black Pegasus..thanks my broe.

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  5. nice share. Good job :)

  6. I have a Samsung Galaxy Tab GT-P1000. Upon looking for it in the Samsung Apps of my tab, no result were found. Could it be filtered in Philippines? Do you know any way to un-restrict filtering? Thanks.

  7. Dead Space and Modern Combat 2 is also not available in my Galaxy Mini and I haven't tried other Samsung Android phones if it is available here in the Philippines. In your case one person in GSM Arena commented that he also can't find any of the Gameloft games on his brothers Galaxy Tab GT-P1000.

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