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Samsung might face a ban of its products in Iran because of a Galaxy Tab 10.1 TV ad

A TV ad produced by an Israeli Cable TV station Hot showed four men posing as women who use Galaxy Tab to trigger a nuclear explosion. But it didn’t go well with Iran's officials and even considering a plan to cut off the country's economic transactions with South Korea's Samsung in reaction to the company's anti-Iran teaser, even if the commercial was meant for the Israeli market.

Arsalan Fat'hipour, Head of Majlis Energy Committee said "the double-urgency plan, aimed at imposing a complete ban on buying all Samsung products, would make the company regret making the insulting teaser." Fat'hipour also added "Samsung's apology to the Iranian nation, though necessary, would not be enough and that the company must be held accountable for producing the teaser."

Update: Samsung issued a statement to CNN saying "Samsung Electronics is aware of a recent news report in Iranian media regarding an advertisement aired by HOT cable network of Israel,” Samsung also added "This advertisement was produced by HOT cable network without Samsung’s knowledge or participation."

Source: PressTV

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