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Filipinos Warned Over Modus When Buying The New iPad

By So What's News

MANILA, Philippines — The Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) warned eager buyers today the risk in wanting to be the the kid on the block with the latest gadget before day one.

In a bulletin released to the press as a precaution to consumers, DTI confirmed a lone buyer who complained to their office about being ripped off when buying the new iPad.

DTI Secretary Gregory Domingo introduced to the media, complainant Judelio Dimaunahan, a techie to narrate his ordeal.

According to him, he went to his local retailer in Makati the other day and asked if they had the new iPad. It was a long shot inquiry but a query nonetheless. To his surprise, the saleslady told him that they have plenty of stocks available.

Judelio Dimaunahan with his new iPad

Judelio Dimaunahan with his new iPad

“Nagulat ako at na-excite kasi meron na pala sa Pinas! Akala ko sa US at Australia pa lang ang meron (I was surprised and excited to learn that it was already available here in the Philippines! I thought that it was only available initially in the US and Australia). “

Due to his excitement, Dimaunahan paid for the item immediately without checking the contents of the box. “Nakita ko puti at mabigat naman, kaya binayaran ko na agad (I saw that the box was white and heavy, so I paid for it immediately),” he said.

Being a techie, thoughts of the new gadget as well as its myriad of features filled his mind on his way home. On top of it all was the new retina display that can display 2048x 1536 pixels. A million pixels more than an HDTV.

He wasted no time unboxing the unit upon coming home, but to his dismay, he found out that the store has sold him the wrong unit. Instead of “the new iPad” or more famously known as iPad 3, the store has sold him a new iPad instead. A brand new, 1st generation iPad.

Feeling cheated and betrayed, angry thoughts filled his mind. “Gusto ko nang magmura, alam mo yun (I wanted to curse, you know)?” he narrated. He planned to go back to the store immediately and return the item. But taking a step back and reviewing the events that transpired, he concluded that it was all his fault.

“I remembered that when I asked the saleslady for the new iPad, I forgot to use my fingers to signify quotation marks on the phrase the new.” (see right photo)

As much as he hates it, he understood where the confusion might’ve came from.

Lesson learned, Judelio will be more cautious when buying Apple’s future products, particularly the next iPhone. “I hope they don’t name it The New iPhone,” he quipped.

He also advised others to thoroughly check the box and it’s contents before paying and rushing home.

For now, Judelio Dimaunahan would be known in his neighborhood as indeed the only guy with a new iPad.

Source: So What's News

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  1. Original article found here : http://sowhatsnews.wordpress.com/2012/03/17/filipinos-warned-over-modus-when-buying-the-new-ipad/

  2. I think he doesn't mind the price too. I would know since the 1st gen iPad is cheaper now.


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