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Is this It? Another image of the Samsung Galaxy S III leaks

There have been a lot of images images and rumors claiming to be the Galaxy S III, but none of them ever came close to this one, which one of the most detailed and the most convincing image of the Galaxy S III we've ever seen. Also in the leak image, Samsung will be announcing the Samsung Galaxy S III on May 22nd at 6PM in London.

According to Sammy Hub, this leaked image of the Samsung Galaxy S III belongs to Samsung’s PR Weber Shandwick who handles duties in many regions. As for the device, it looks very slim with a new bezel design, Android 4.0 with Touchwiz and the display has five icons on the screen near the bottom. The most shocking of all, there is a dedicated camera button on the side.

What do you think? Real or Photoshop?

Source: Sammy Hub


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