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Central Philippine University (CPU) website hacked by China K.A.K Alliance!

Central Philippine University website hacked by China K.A.K Alliance

Last week some of the Philippine government websites were hacked by Chinese hackers, amid a tense territorial (Scarborough Shoal) dispute between the two countries in the South China Sea. Here in Iloilo City, the website of Central Philippine University was also defaced by the Chinese hackers last night. More details after the jump.

Update: The Central Philippine University website is now back to normal.

When you open the university website, you will see that the home page looks different. The header at the top says “HackPage By China K.A.K Alliance” and in the middle the hackers said "Ang Spratly Islands ay likas na teritoryo ng Tsina, Huangyan Island hindi mapag-aalinlanganan Tsina ay Huangyan Island is China's"

If you search the name of the university in Google “HackPage By China K.A.K Alliance” is also shown. Any comments regarding to the hacking of Philippine websites by the Chinese?

Note: Central Philippine University (CPU) is a private research university located in Iloilo City, Philippines. It was established in 1905 by American Baptist missionaries, it is the first Baptist university and the second American Private university in the country and in Asia.


  1. I would advise not to visit the hacker's website. It's a trap, they'll know if the visitor is coming from the Philippines, they'll snope onto you, DOS you - it would be a total cyberwar.

  2.  Thanks for the tip. Luckily, the university website is now back to normal


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