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Google's latest Easter Egg: ZERG RUSH!

Any Starcraft fans out there? If you are one and have a few minutes to spare, try typing the words "zerg rush" into Google from the search engine's homepage. Then a swarm of Os will eat all the information on your webpage like "Zergs," an alien race from the game StarCraft that can mass-produce offensive units in a very short time.

The term "Zerg Rush" or "zerging" has entered video gaming jargon to describe sacrificing economic development in favour of using many low-cost and weak units to rush and overwhelm an enemy by attrition or sheer numbers. - Wikipedia

A green bar appears at the top of the target letters the Os are attacking and it's your job to click rapidly on each attacking letter before the bar drops down to red. The faster you click, the less damage the search results take. Once you are done, you have the opportunity to post your score to Google+. So, what are you waiting for? Try it now.


  1. http://i46.tinypic.com/ngvrci.jpg
    weekend is finally here time to chill out&cheers take care my friend ;) 

  2. What did you get as a high score? The best I've done is 93 so far, but I really want to get to 100.

    I made an online scoreboard to see who has the highest score: Zerg Rush High Scores


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