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Facebook testing a redesigned Timeline on selected user profiles

The view of the new Timeline by Carl Franzen of TPM

To those who haven't changed their Facebook profile to the new Timeline yet, Facebook is changing the new Timeline layout again! According to TPM, days after the company went public, Facebook has quietly begun testing a new look for user profiles or Timeline on selected user profiles. More details after the jump.

TPM's Carl Franzen also said, "The new look creates subtle but noticeable changes to the top of user profiles, chiefly moving the user’s name, home location, occupation, education, and other basic information into a layer of text atop the cover photo, the widescreen image that serves as the backdrop for a user’s profile. The text has been changed to white to stand out against the dark colors of a user’s cover photo."

There's no word yet on how many people got to try this redesigned timeline and how to get this one on our profile right now.

Source: Taking Points Memo

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