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Samsung Galaxy S III (GT-I9300) Hands-on Video

Do you want to see the beast in live action? If so, Samsung just posted on YouTube a full hands-on video review of the Galaxy S III. In the video the Samsung Galaxy S III hands-on goes through the design, the screen, new TouchWiz interface, performance that has improved from the Galaxy S II, the pop-up play feature that allows you to have a movie on top of everything you’re doing, the burst shot that allows you to snap 20 pictures quickly and direct call. Watch the hands-on video after the jump.

Check out Samsung Galaxy S III specs and features here.

Source: Samsung Tomorrow (YouTube)

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  1. Oh my I'm currently in love with Nokia Lumia900 but this new Samsung Galaxy S3 is cool! Is S3 gonna overpass NokiaLumia as the best phone? But is S3 with that cool direct call feature with the ear detection not gonna harm our health?

  2. There are some studies about the radiation, but its just minimal and can't affect our health.


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